Maximizing Your Home’s Value

Selling a home can be an exciting and at times challenging process for homeowners. Today there are many online options available to house hunters to assist in their search and multiple factors working together to influence their decisions. Buyers may spend hours scrolling through listings online before deciding which homes to see. The questions from sellers are often: “How can I make my home stand out, maximize the value of my home, and make sure the right buyer finds me?” Ellingson Properties has found the answer to these questions throughout their years of providing exceptional real estate services on the Space Coast. They understand that finding the right buyer requires an internet presence with eye catching photography and professional presentation of the property through expert staging. The buyer must begin to develop an emotional connection before even stepping foot inside the home. While the facts and figures are important, the true value of any home is in the buyer envisioning building a life there. Real estate agencies should be passionate about assisting buyers make these emotional connections, visualizing the potential that lies between the walls.

To deliver their record breaking results, Ellingson Properties focuses on expertly packaging and presenting the most valuable assets in homes, resulting in maximum equity for sellers. The goal is ultimately to “engage” buyers and have them experience the property the way it is truly designed to be lived in. “If that means showing the property at sunset to experience the waterfront views or early morning for breakfast on the golf course, we do that,” President Greg Ellingson explains. Appropriate staging creates an environment in which a buyer can walk through the doors and envision themselves being at home; one where they can already imagine Sunday morning brunches on the patio, holiday dinners in the dining room, or stretching out on the sofa after a long day at work. Ellingson Properties works to prioritize what the buyer is looking for and illustrate to them how these homes deliver.

You’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A buyer’s first step in seeing themselves living in the home, begins with their first impression which starts with the property photos. The obvious difference in quality of professional photography versus, say, a smartphone photo is undeniable and powerful. Businesses use professional photography to showcase their products and a home should be no different. Home sellers should ensure the best tools and techniques are utilized to capture their home. Interior photographs should be taken with careful attention to lighting. Aerial shots via drone should be used to highlight spatial perspective of the property. State of the art digital processing ensures eye popping vivid colors. HD video tours and cutting edge digital 3D virtual tours will allow the buyer to get a feel for floorplan and flow. Through the online 3D “Doll House” tool, buyers can virtually walk through a property just as they would in person, probing corners, angles, even gazing out of windows. This tool is particularly effective for long distance buyers who now can view the home as if they were there in person.

“Now that the buyer has made a connection to a property, we meet them and agents at the property to point out features and talk about the quality of construction.” Ellingson and his team use their wealth of knowledge and experience to answer all questions a buyer may have. They know the property from the ground up and share their knowledge with the buyer bringing the picture of their future into sharper focus. Not all homes may require the listing agent to be present during each showing. In these cases, a solid written description of the home’s assets is important. In a busy market full of so many options for house hunting, asking the right questions is key to maximizing the value of your home. Standing out means highlighting your home’s best features to capture the attention of the right buyer. Through professional photography and presentation with the latest tools and technology, buyers can more easily picture their lives in every room, forming a powerful emotional connection. When this is backed by information provided by a knowledgeable and experienced team, both sellers and buyers are reassured that they are making the right choice and getting the best value.
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