GI TaxGlenn S. Sandler

Title:  Owner and Founder

Company:  G.I. Tax

Founded:  2012

LOCATION:  Melbourne


GI Tax, “America’s Finest Tax Service,” was formed in 2012 as necessary competition for the American Middle Class tax service business. There are tax companies that have been preparing tax returns for Americans for many years, but over the past few years they have been losing the respect and confidence of many of their customers. Reasons include poor training, a poor business model, and, in the words of their customers, people preparing the tax returns “just don’t care.”

The company’s business model is simple: Make sure all customers are fully satisfied. First, every client must feel like they are treated like family. Second, with a 100 percent guarantee, ensure customer tax returns are fully correct and that “no dime is left behind.” Most importantly, every GI tax office and its employees support the U.S. military and the American Dream.

GI Tax commits to supporting veterans by donating a portion of every tax return fee to support various military charities. Over the past six years, donations have amounted to more than $30,000.

Since its inception, the company has enjoyed 100 percent annual growth. Per Glenn S. Sandler, CPA, owner and founder, the majority of this growth has been from referrals from satisfied customers. The company also differentiates itself from the local competition by creating patriotic advertising campaigns. Annual campaigns include hundreds of local radio spots, intense social media campaigns and involvement in community events, all supporting the troops. The company’s annual advertising budget exceeds $25,000 per office.

On the Horizon

GI Tax is going national, with plans to start selling franchises in mid-2018. Sandler plans to open approximately 1,000 franchise locations in the United States. This estimate comes from having an average of two locations around the proximity of the 500 military bases currently in the country. The company also expects to have locations near foreign bases in more than 26 countries overseas.

The GI Tax franchise model has been to have its offices owned and operated by former members of the military. Sandler’s dream is to have a fraternity of franchise owners, all former military veterans, who work together to help each other be successful. He has a vision of thousands of veterans at the first worldwide GI Tax convention.

When visiting one of GI Tax’s two locations, at North Wickham in Melbourne and on U.S. 192 in West Melbourne, you cannot help but feel a sense of American pride. Every location has an American flag hanging out front. The offices have red, white and blue custom-designed furniture, American flags, and American artwork on display. Many pieces are donated by military veteran clients.

Every office has framed copies of the U.S Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address, the Star-Spangled Banner and other historic relics, as well as a custom-designed picture of the Washington Monument draped in the American flag with the Pledge of Allegiance.