As individuals on the Space Coast welcome the new year, getting fit and healthy is top of mind. The word is out and health-conscious crowds are taking advantage of Fia’s Fresh Meals. For the owner and founder, Chris Paladino, this concept and passion came naturally.

“I’ve always been really into health and fitness,” Paladino said. “I have a background in law, but it really wasn’t my passion, and my family has been in the restaurant business for a long time, so it was kind of in my blood.”

Paladino ended up going back to school to study nutrition and exercise, while maintaining a thriving restaurant operation. In fact, he managed several on the Space Coast for many years, but he also recognized the potential in the health and fitness industry.

“I saw there was a niche nobody was filling — healthy pre-made meals available weekly for customers around the area and through the gyms I visited,” he said. “I found some part-time guys who would help me cook the meals and bring to the gyms to sample. From there, it just spread like wildfire, and I ended up having to sell my restaurant last year because this business overtook it.”

Paladino explains the bulk of his business is not just targeted toward athletes, but all those, young and older, seeking convenience with a health- conscious focus. The concept is simple: offer pre-made, fresh meals on a weekly basis for online purchase or in store locations.

“We have different types of options, such as the Keto diet, which is high fat, Paleo, meals for the athletic crowd, and more,” Paladino said. ⊲

HOW IT WORKS page4image32324032

  • Register online at or use their free mobile app.
  • Choose your meals for the week to be picked up the following Monday.
  • There are 145 pickup locations in Florida to choose from, and the company is now shipping to customers nationwide.
  • Refrigerated trucks deliver every Monday to the pickup locations.
  • Customers then have the convenience to place orders at locations closest to their homes or businesses.
  • No contracts, no minimums, no maximums.
  • Retail locations also carry various vitamin lines and protein supplements.
  • Meals stay fresh for up to 30 days in refrigerated and much longer if frozen due to vacuum sealed containers.
  • Department of Agriculture, USDA approved and inspected.

Acai Bowls 

Fia’s Fresh Meals offers a self-serve Acai bar. The acai bowl has a sorbet or ice cream type consistency and is made from the superfood, acai fruit. The acai fruit is filled with antioxidants and other nutrients making this a healthy meal option. The self- serve acai bowl bar includes a variety of tasty toppings ranging from sliced fruits to granola to enjoy.



First, the price point.

Meals start at $8. Everything is organic, USDA certified and Department of Agriculture inspected. Many other meal companies don’t claim any of this because they can’t legally.

Second, the flexible menu options.

There are 25 to 35 different options weekly, and the menu is never the same, changing every week.

Third, it is not a meal plan but a meal company.

Fia’s Fresh Meals has the freedom of choice. Customers can go online. There’s no plan, no minimum and no maximum. Customers have the control.

“These three things are the most important aspects that set us apart from the rest,” Paladino explained.

“We’re local, we’re fresh and the food is vacuum sealed.” ◆

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