What a year, right? Are we out of hurricane season now? I sure hope so! One of my lasting memories of 2017 will be how well everyone came together after the storms. Even as I write this, there are still a few signs of the damage, but all in all we were very lucky considering what our friends in the Houston area, the Keys, Puerto Rico and the
Caribbean faced.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving as well, surviving all that food and football. One of my wife’s favorite holiday activities is planning her shopping mission with the massive newspaper that shows up for Black Friday. That takes us, of course, to where we are in this issue of SpaceCoast Living – the holiday season! Check out this month’s profiles: We’ve assembled five families, all with a little different perspective.

One of these profiles is on Jason Kempf and his family, who own Kempf’s Jewelers in Indialantic. The thought occurred to me as I was reading their story, “What does a woman want when she already owns a jewelry store? Does she still want jewelry? Or does something else come up in the discussion?” To get that answer, I asked Jason Kempf…

“Women love jewelry and the women in our family are no exception! My mom (pictured at right), who is the primary designer at Kempf’s, still gets excited when Dad works on a special piece for her. My wife, Jamie, comes in and fills out one of our ‘Kempf’s Wish-Lists,’ which always helps me out. It’s great to have several options to choose from and I know she will
be thrilled.”

Also, check out our Gift Guide starting on page 49.