Forget Sending a Valentine: Adopt a Manatee

It would be hard to imagine our beloved state without one of its most beloved water dwelling friends. However, the manatee continues to be a member on the endangered species list, as such human related threats as habitat destruction and ship strikes bring the population of our friends to lower numbers. Today many organizations have started to take action and put adoption services into place, and it seems like just the time as 2010 marked the record manatee mortality rate in the state of Florida. So instead of sending a box of chocolates or a dozen roses, adopt a manatee in your Valentine’s name, and bring a little piece of Florida to life.

Save The Manatees Club Adopt a manatee for someone you love- the manatees you adopt through this club come with stories of their lives, and you can even meet your manatee in one of three Florida locations!
World Wildlife Fund The WWF offers adoption packages from $25-$100. The WWF offers adoptions on over 100 species, letting you adopt several at one time.
MOTE Marine Laboratory Through the help of MOTE’s resident manatees, Hugh and Buffett, MOTE has learned important information on how to monitor the manatee population. www.mote.org941-388-4441

Did You Know…

Manatees eat for 6-8 hours a day and consume 11 percent of their body weight every day.