In the past few years, Downtown Melbourne has become the Space Coast’s premiere spot for nightlife. You can enjoy fine dining, freshly brewed beer and even line dancing in this historic part of town. With over a dozen restaurants and bars, I decided to find out which one has perfected the quintessential cocktail – the martini. After trying a few different spots, I have narrowed down the three best options.

The Best Vesper Martini:
Crush XI

I was not surprised to see Crush Eleven, with its extensive bar full of house-infused liquors inside the Flatiron building make this list. The style of the restaurant embodies everything a good martini should be. It is both elegant yet refined, as is the diverse cocktail menu. The vesper martini comes from “Casino Royale” and is made exactly as James Bond orders it, with one exception:

The vesper martini is made up of:


  • Absolut elyx vodka
  • English gin
  • lillet blanc
  • lemon twist-stirred not shaken

The Best Gin Martini:
The Mansion

The classic martini is made with gin, so I figured what better place to go for a classic martini than the classic Downtown Melbourne restaurant? The Mansion put Melbourne on the map a few years ago with its stunning views from the rooftop patio and fresh Floridian food. In addition to the over fifty craft beers on tap, they also offer wine and handcrafted cocktails.

I went with the apostle martini, which was made of:

  • Apostle gin
  • St. Elder liquor
  • cardamom bitters
  • squeezed lemon wedge
  • muddled with mint and cucumber

The Best Fruity Martini:
The Chart House

Martinis are not exactly the drink one pictures sipping on a hot day by the water, which is why The Chart House is the perfect place for a martini with a twist. With their patio that overlooks the Indian River Lagoon, I came here for the happy hour and the sunset view. I was delighted to try their signature pomegranate martini.

This fruity drink consists of:

  • Pearl pomegranate vodka
  • DeKuyper pomegranate liqueur
  • cranberry juice

I hope this guide comes in handy the next time you are looking for the perfect martini in Downtown Melbourne. These three restaurants offer so much more than drinks, so if you are interested, check out my blog ( for full restaurant reviews.

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