On the Model:

The outfit is a design by Indah. Made in Bali, the fabric is hand painted by artisans.

I chose this look because it’s great for Florida spring and summer. It is also a perfect outfit for beach and cruise vacations. It’s elegant, feminine and fun at the same time. It looks good on most body types. It can be worn with sandals to the pool or to dinner with heels. Very versatile.

Loretta Grella

Owner of Downtown Divas

What inspired you to open the store?

I had been in the medical profession for 20 years and retired to be more involved in my daughter’s school and activities. When she graduated and went to college, I was left with time and energy to put into a new venture. I always loved fashion, and my Mom was a true fashionista. I found out that there was a local boutique for sale and decided to buy it!

What has your growth been like since you’ve opened?

Since taking over the boutique in 2007, it has completely changed. I immediately added to the demographics of my customers. I brought in an additional 20 brands that had not been previously available and retired the ones that I didn’t like. We have been voted Space Coast Living’s Best Boutique several years!

Photo Credit: Lemon Hearted Blog

What do you feel sets your store apart from others?

Divas’ shopping experience is as unique as the clothes it carries. We have a variety of styles and looks that make it easy to find clothing that will complement your body type and style. We understand that mature women want to be stylish yet age appropriate, as well as serving the younger women with the latest trends. We are honest with our customers about how an outfit looks, because the ultimate goal is to make them feel confident and beautiful when they walk into a room wearing a Divas outfit!  Everyone who works at Divas are trained to be personal shoppers, available for suggestions and creative ideas. However, we are never pushy, because no one enjoys that experience.

What’s your favorite part of owning a boutique?

One of my favorite benefits ofowning Divas is the relationships I have developed with my employees. They are usually young women and very ambitious. Many times, it is their first job. I try to set an example for them worth following. Two of my past employees have been married at my home. They all have a special place in my heart. I’m very thankful for my loyal customers through the years. It’s especially heartwarming when daughters get old enough to shop with their moms. So many of my customers have been shopping with Divas for so long that we provided them with their homecoming dress, and now they are looking for a dress for their bridal shower or a dress for photosof their first pregnancy.

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Do you have a favorite brand you carry?

I hand pick every piece of clothing that I carry. Each brand has its own style, and the variety is what makes Divas so popular!

What are upcoming fashion trends for summer 2019?

Animal prints and tie-dye are trending. You’ll also see blazers and utility dressing. Bamboo purses and tortoise shell earrings are high on the list for accessories. New trend for summer is the cycling short, although I’m not sure how I feel about that one!

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