Family-Owned Business Celebrates 50 Years

Little did Tony and Helen Nahacky know, back in 1961 when they started their tropical fish business from their garage on Babcock Street, that the local area and beyond would take to it like a fish to water.  While the odds are always stacked against small businesses succeeding, this family-owned enterprise has not only survived 50 years in operation but it has thrived for 50 years serving a growing populous of aquarium enthusiasts.
Dave MacDonald, who, with his wife Lisa, purchased the business from Tony and Helen in 1986.  “Many of our customers have been with us for several generations,” MacDonald said.  “We have built small, starter aquariums for children who grew up to build large tanks in their offices and homes and now want fish ponds in their yards.  These folks are now bringing in their grandchildren to learn the hobby.”
Not only have Dave and Lisa watched their customers grow up and expand their collections but the customers have noticed that they are now being serviced by the MacDonald’s daughter Katie and her husband Buddy.  So, it would not be a stretch to imagine their first grandchild behind the register in years to come.


Nahacky’s is located at 1613 S. Harbor City Blvd., just 3 blocks north of 1-92 on US 1 in Melbourne.  Call (321) 723-5340.