When it comes to dressing up for a festive Halloween dinner party, forget about cheesy costumes, crazy colors and over the top makeup.

I know as adults, especially us women, we all look forward to opportunities where we get to dress up. Halloween, my friends, is the perfect excuse to reach for those elegant ensembles stored away in your closets. I bet those are two words you never thought would go together – Halloween and elegant!

While you’re sipping cocktails, eating gourmet cheese boards and dancing the night away, this is your time to shine. When I am helping style clients, I tell them, “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone style wise.” I am here to say the same to you. We’re going to skip the commercial Halloween costumes and go straight for the glitz and glamour of sequins.

Photography by Harmony Lynn Goodson

My favorite sequined pieces to style are rompers, shift dresses and skirts. Surprisingly, you can find sequined pieces year-round in the women’s section at any major department store, especially during homecoming, prom and New Year’s. Be sure to only wear mini, above the knee or midi length sequined pieces. Remember, it’s a dinner party, not a black-tie event. Keep the accessories simple, wear a neutral colored shoe and let the sequins shine.

Photography by Harmony Lynn Goodson

If you’re wanting to go the more subtle route and save the sequins for another time, other great fabrics will be faux-leather/leather, lace, velvet or silk. When you mix unique fabrics like velvet and leather, you create the most beautiful, texture-filled, elegant outfit.

As far as silhouettes and styles go, the attire for a festive party will most likely be cocktail, unless specified otherwise on an invitation. Any item above the knee or slightly below knee length, like a midi dress or pleated skirt, will work. A slinky, silk tank top with lace would be adorable to pair with a skirt. The one exception to the above or slightly below the knee rule would be dressy slacks and jumpsuits. An amazing pair of fitted slacks in warm hues with a sequined top would look great. And, rompers are dressy yet casual, whether short or ankle length.

Now that we know which fabrics and styles work best, let’s talk color! Pumpkin spice lattes might be cool to drink, but the pumpkin orange color won’t work for this party. Skip typical Halloween colors like leaf green, pumpkin orange and candy corn yellow. Instead, lean towards black, gold or silver, with hints of emerald green, burgundy or white.

To dress up an elegant ensemble, my motto is,
go bold or go home.

Statement earrings are super on trend at the moment and don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. When matching your outfit, neutrals will always be your best friend. A neutral in this case will be gold, black or silver. However, colorful earrings in the appropriate colors can add a fun element to a silver, gold or darker colored outfit.

Last but not least are shoes. Right now, block heels are super in. Pair a block heel or pump if you’re wearing a dress, skirt or romper, especially if it’s sequined, leather or velvet. For a more minimal look, try adding a fun leopard print flat or heel for some pizzazz. Follow these tips and you will surely be the fanciest lady at the party.


Photography by Harmony Lynn Goodson

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