Acoustic for a Change began with one musician, Arturo Echarte, who had a passion to play solo acoustic music and donating his tips to charities. The organization has expanded to include several musicians who offer their talents free to charity events and the collection of used instruments to give to those in need.  Arturo Echarte and his wife Susan, have had a successful business for 27 years Postal Center International. “We have been blessed with more free time during the past 5 years to pursue ways of giving back to our community. We’re still involved in our business but are spending more and more time with our ministries.”

When did Acoustic for a Change start?

It started in 2008 – about 3 years ago

What inspired you to start it?

I had been playing in a few church bands but I felt led to begin to play Solo Instrumental Acoustic Music. Initially I played at coffee shops and had a tip jar for Local Charities.  During one of these gigs I was asked to play a Charity Event for the Candlelighters. They offered to pay but I said I would gladly play for free.  That night I thought of creating a music ministry, which offered quality musicians for FREE at Charity events. I began promoting this to local charities and receive an awesome response. I then began playing for non-charity events (weddings, cocktail events, dinner parties, Matt’s Casbah, etc…) and thought of charging a donation fee for these events.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

I like a variety of music: classical, jazz, instrumental, world music, and classic rock.  You can learn much from each genre.

What is your favorite type of music to play?

Personally, I love to play a song that has a heartfelt melody. One that can take people away or help them reflects on the beauty that God has created.

How long have you played?

I attempted to play the guitar in college but never followed through… About 15 years ago I became serious in learning Classical/Fingerstyle and as my passion grew so did the ministry. Music for me is a very personal thing and a way of dealing with the stresses that life brings. It took a while to want to share my music with others.

Any favorite moment or event that stands out in your memory?

I played a gig In L.A. for Wolfgang Puck. It was at the Pacific Design Center for his charity Cal-Spirit. There were over 2,000 people at the event and I had the opportunity to get a photo with Wolfgang. During one of the breaks a man came up to me and said he liked my classical song. After he left I asked the sound guy “Is he someone famous?” It turned out to be Alex Trebek from Jeopardy. WOW!!!

Are you from Brevard originally? If not, what led you to move to this area?

I was raised in Ft Lauderdale but we would always come to Brevard to visit friends, surf.  When I began to raise a family we decided to settle here. Great place to raise our two daughters!

Who receives the donated instruments?

We have given instruments to the Brevard Youth Symphony, Florida Institute of Technology, The DOCK, Brevard Neighborhood Coalition, Club Esteem. We are currently working with Viera Hospital to place some instruments.  We have also placed many instruments with individuals who could not afford one of their own.

What is the best way for someone to reach you if they want to hire you for an event or donate an instrument?

The best way to reach me is my email ( or Facebook (Acoustic for a Change) or by calling (321) 544-4949

For an example of my music they could go to You Tube (Arturo Echarte).