Owner, Don Facciobene, Inc. – General Contractor

“Being a father is my most favorite job,” Don said.  So how does the father of two young boys, ages 10 and 7, balance a successful business and plenty of family time? “I don’t need a lot of sleep,” he laughed. “I’m either working or spending time with my kids.”  His time is divided between his commercial contracting company and time with his wife of 10 years, Trish, and their two sons, Rocco and Jake. The boys play baseball, basketball and football. He involves his children in his business too, taking them to the jobs he’s building and showing them equipment purchases and explaining how to run a successful business. “It reminds me what I need to do to make customers happy,” he said. Don is very close to his own dad and often recalls advice and lessons he’s learned from him, “It was a lesson a minute with my dad.” He says. “His advice is usually the best.”