Award-winning, published Boudoir Portrait Photographer Olivia Womack has seen it all. Clients from all backgrounds and seasons of life have stepped in front of her Nikon D700. Every woman’s journey to that point is uniquely her own, but many leave with one thing in common – a new sense of empowerment and self-love.

“Every woman deserves to love herself deeply,” Womack said earnestly.

The boy mom of two will be celebrating a milestone birthday herself this year. Although turning just 40, she’s a bit of an old soul. If Womack had her way, she’d take things back to the Renaissance, an era where art was the prevailing zeitgeist, and women’s bodies were celebrated masterpieces.

“There is so much beauty in the female form and I use boudoir portraiture to capture the essence of every woman – who she is at her core and the journey she’s endured that has brought her to me. My goal with every client is to document her legacy.

“We women are powerful creatures,” Womack continued. “We’re resilient. We love selflessly and unconditionally. We nurture and protect our babies and our family. We endure heartache, battle demons and overcome mountainous hurdles. All of this can be captured in a single photo.”

All portrait sessions with Womack end with a photo reveal where clients see their images, and sometimes themselves, for the first time.

“It’s a really powerful and emotional moment for me, too. For many who chose to celebrate their milestone birthday in front of my camera, it’s often the first time in decades they’ve seen themselves as something other than ‘mom.’ This experience helps them remember, or discover, the beautiful woman within. I have the honor of celebrating this pivotal moment with my clients and it’s something I cherish deeply.”

An Intimate Art Experience

Artist Derek Gores

This year Womack has teamed up with internationally acclaimed Collage Artist Derek Gores (IG: @derekgores) to release a unique art collaboration celebrating women: An Intimate Art Experience. Gores, a long-time fixture of the Eau Gallie Arts District, has created commissioned work for brands such as Prada, Adidas, among others, and has exhibited with top galleries in Los Angeles, Paris and New England, to name a few. He has been a staple in the Space Coast art scene and critical to its current evolution.

Art lovers seeking an exclusive interactive art experience will be intrigued by what Womack and Gores are offering – exquisite boudoir portraits by Womack which will then be incorporated into a signature Gores custom collage of the client.

In addition to photos taken by Womack, the collage will include personal tidbits such as favorite books, song lyrics, unforgettable vacation spots, recipes, cocktails and fun personal hints Gores enjoys sneaking into the artwork.

When asked about his medium of choice, Gores responded, “Collage lets me be a visual storyteller. Life is a collection of moments, and I try to let my collage pieces work that way as well. Hints of memories and textures combine on the canvas in a magical way that words couldn’t possibly.”

Christine from Miami recently turned 40 and is choosing to celebrate with Womack and Gores.

“While the thought of turning older had never fazed me before, turning the big 4-0 was somehow different. Instead of letting it slow me down or get me down, I took it as an opportunity to work hard at becoming the healthiest, fittest, all around best version of myself possible. This is the perfect time for me to work with Olivia and Derek to document this time in my life.”

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Darcy Maeda Manning

Darcy Maeda Manning is a 20-year public relations executive turned professional makeup artist who moonlights as a freelance writer. The Southern California native switched coasts in 2016 and now calls the Space Coast home. Not only does Darcy find tremendous joy in helping Brevard business executives, politicians, and philanthropists look and feel their best through her makeup application, but she also enjoys writing about these movers and shakers.