by Alisha Crabtree

Behind Every Successful Practice is a Family

When visiting Dental Excellence Melbourne, you are not entering the typical dental practice, but rather a friend’s house who happens to be a dental expert. Even the office décor has a welcoming, friendly and homey feel to it with family photographs, personal artwork, and mementos. Patients benefit from the expertise, knowledge, and wisdom of three highly qualified, trained and compassionate dentists dedicated to helping every member of the family smile a little better, bigger and brighter. 

“We provide the type of dental care perfect for smiles of all ages, from kids to grandparents,” said Dr. Cedric Chenet. “When it comes to your family’s teeth, we make sure you only have one place to go, a place that will always feel like a second home. We treat your loved ones like they are one of our own. You and your family will have plenty of reasons to smile.”

In fact, it will be a tight-knit family affair because the Chenet family will be taking care of your family’s oral health!

“We do not just take care of your smile,” said Dr. Chenet. “We take care of you as a whole. Our family devotes itself to providing your family the best in preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. You will always leave our office with a clean, beautiful, and healthy smile.”

An Expertise Like No Other

Originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Dr. Chenet earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Averett College in Virginia and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Howard University in Washington D.C. He then joined the United States Air Force as a dental officer, serving in places such as Japan, Egypt, Peru, Saudi Arabia, and his native Haiti. During this time, Dr. Chenet received extensive post-graduate training in numerous dental disciplines including general and pediatric dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, and prosthodontics. In 2002, he honorably retired as a lieutenant colonel and founded his Melbourne practice.

His son, Dr. Derek Chenet, and future daughter-in-law, Dr. Veronica Yu, recently joined his practice bringing vast experience in various dental specialties including pediatrics, Invisalign, endodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery. Their intensive graduate and post-graduate programs, including the Comprehensive Implantology Continuum, helped each easily gain an additional five to 10 years of dentistry expertise.

“Their medical degrees were the learner permits,” said Dr. Chenet. “Their post-graduate programs the driver licenses. I am thrilled to have Derek and Veronica join the family practice. The hardest part will be addressing them as Dr. Chenet and Dr. Yu, and not their first names.”

Individually, each is a skilled dentist. Together, patients receive access to healthcare not found elsewhere. This comprehensive, world-class, family approach translates into capable, comfortable and competent care for every patient in need.

State-of-the-Art Expansion 

Dr. Chenet and his family could choose to practice anywhere in the world but is very glad to have resided in Brevard County. With the practice expanding, Dr. Chenet acquired a second facility to serve his patients. The two state-of-the-art facilities are fully computerized, including digital x-rays, paperless records, and a CEREC system. 

“When Derek and Veronica moved to Florida, another office became available,” said Dr. Chenet. “It seemed like a good, lateral fit. Our team remains on the cutting-edge of dental education and technology from the latest tools and techniques. Nothing makes us happier than to treat friends and neighbors, including many that live within walking distance of the practice.”

Family-Oriented Patient Care

Dental Excellence Melbourne strives to build long, trusting relationships with all patients to personalize care and enhance the experience at every opportunity. From baby teeth to dentures, Dr. Chenet and his family to have it covered with specialty treatments and services designed to help little mouths and beautiful smiles. 

“One of our favorite accomplishments is treating different generations of a family, and we often do it at the same time!” said Dr. Chenet. “Our team is part of the community. We know our patients by name, and have seen many children grow up over the past decade.”

Excellence in Education, Experience, and Technology 

The philosophy at Dental Excellence Melbourne is simple. Education, experience, and technology come together to provide excellence in dental healthcare. The result is a satisfying trip to the dentist that always ends with a healthy and beautiful smile.

“When a dentist treats you with industry-leading materials, state-of-the-art technologies, and exceptional customer services, you know what you are receiving. That is the type of care Derek, Veronica, and I provide for all of our patients. If you are taking the time to come see us, we are going to make sure whatever you need is done right the first time, every time.”