by Judy Piersall

I love to dance. I was a member of dance teams in both high school and college. We always had music playing at home and my children and I danced constantly. So, in 2011, when I was approached about participating in what was then Dancing With Brevard (now Dancing for the Space Coast) my thought was “how hard could it be?” The joke was on me.

Ballroom dancing is not like any other dancing. It’s better and more fun! My partner Primo Garcia and I had our lessons at Melbourne Ballroom, a place that’s still near and dear to my heart. After working hard for several weeks practicing and fundraising, we were named Grand Champions. My children, parents and several family friends were there to cheer me on. So much fun!

As much as I enjoyed dancing with Primo, the only man I ever really wanted to dance with was my husband. And, to my utter surprise and delight, a couple of years ago he took it upon himself to schedule lessons for us. We’ve been dancing ever since. Friday nights are our dancing date nights. It’s a great way to get the stresses of the week out of our systems. We both have jobs in the public; these nights are just us and the dance floor. One of the best forms of exercise there is, dancing even honed my husband’s footwork, enabling him to up his tennis game — a theory he tries to dispute, but keeps him practicing just in case.

For those of you who participated in last month’s annual event, congratulations; keep dancing! If you’ve always wanted to take lessons but haven’t – why not?

Until next time, here’s to healthy living. ◆