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When designing your home you have specific concepts in mind. You know the colors you love, the features that will serve you and your family best, and you want the highest quality available. In essence, you have a story you want to tell and a place you want to create that speaks the language of your family.

Your home builder Melbourne FL is here to assist you on every step of that journey. We are with you from conception to creation providing you with the most knowledgeable staff available. We are conscientious of your needs and value your priorities and dreams.

Once your house is built and you are busy making it your home, there may be some decorative touches you want to add. Here’s a thought: Chalkboard paint. This versatile paint can transform everything from ceramic pots to picture frames in an instant. So just what can you do with this modern marvel? Just about anything.

Transform Your Herb Garden

Chalkboard paint adheres really well to terra cotta and other potting surfaces. You can paint the entire pot and write whatever you choose or, if fancy is more your taste, draw out specific designs and fill them in with the paint. This will allow you to write all over your pots designated specific plants, send messages to your guests, or write words of affirmation to yourself.

Renovate an Old Dresser

This is a great idea! If you have old furniture lying around or find a special piece somewhere you can always dress it up by applying a couple of layers of chalkboard paint. Once dry, you can label each drawer. This is a great idea if you have kids around the house who are learning to read. Label the drawers with the contents within and let them put their clothes away. They are learning to read and do chores at the same time. That is a winner!

Convert a Lampshade

Lampshades are another way to add creative flair to your indoor décor. If you have old lampshades that are begging for a new look, try painting them with chalkboard paint too. You can write little messages to yourself or your loved ones that shine when the lights are on. If you happen upon used lampshades at inexpensive prices, scoop them up. This renovation can really add a personal touch to your home or outdoor living space.

Picture Frame Chalkboards

Most of us have a few frames lying around that aren’t getting any use. Simply paint the frame in whatever color you like and cut a piece of plywood to fit the opening. Once you have the wood cut out, paint it with chalkboard paint and wait for it to dry. Once that step is complete, insert the painted wooden piece into the frame. Voila, instant chalkboard. You can then hang your customized chalkboard anywhere you need a place to leave messages.

Interior Cupboard Doors

Have you ever wonder what you have stocked away inside of your pantry? Trying to dig through shelving and drawers to find that elusive item can be a real pain. Here’s a thought: paint the interior side of your pantry door with chalkboard paint. Apply a couple of coats and let it dry. You can then keep a running list of items you have and items you may need in the future.

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