Similar to an automobile, the best cabinetry should be an efficient blend of functionality, use of space and design. Gary Quattro, of Q’s Cabinetry, has developed a reputation for delivering on all of these elements for some of the most selective homeowners and home builders in the region.

“In many cases, the builders we work with don’t even include cabinet designs in their blueprints, they just send their clients to us directly and we develop the plans for the space,” he said.

“Cabinet design is so much more than [just] sizes and finishes, it is understanding how the cabinets actually work and how they enhance your life and lifestyle. Most importantly, it is how they make a space. That is why our showroom is more like an actual living space, instead of display cases.

We want people to feel what their new kitchen or bathroom will actually be like,” Gary said.

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Expanding Business

Towards pursuing this end, Gary and his son Nick are expanding their location in Cocoa from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet. They are adding some of that space to their fabrication shop, but most of all they want to create an immersive experience for their clients. Nick, a UCF grad, grew up working with his Dad and decided to return to the Space Coast to work in the family business.

Gary’s connection to the craftsmanship and design of cabinets is probably genetic, in nature. The senior Quattro grew up in a family of furniture and cabinetmakers, and though he came to Florida to pursue a restaurant business he began building cabinets and furniture on the side for himself. People were so complimentary of his work that Gary decided he may have missed his calling.

“I suppose sawdust was in my veins,” he said. “So, I found a cabinet maker I respected and went to work for them, determined to learn all I could about the business side of [the] trade.”

After a few years, Quattro started his own company, resolved to design, build and install cabinets that were superior in every respect to what consumers had come to expect.

“We build cabinets that are right the first time. My installers love me because the product doesn’t have to be modified at the location, it is either right or we don’t let it out of our shop.”

Peer Reviews

Quattro’s attention to detail explains why the company has garnered a number of coveted “Craftsmanship Awards,” from the Home Builders and Contractors Association based on nominations by area builders.

It is also why Q’s Cabinetry has partnered with some of the most respected cabinet manufacturers in the country, including Aristokraft, Deora, Kemper and Medallion Cabinetry.

“If a client comes to me and needs a new door or drawer face for a kitchen I installed several years ago, I don’t want it to be close to their cabinets, I want it to be an exact match. Nothing else is acceptable. Many of the locally-made cabinets simply don’t have the sophistication to match a 14-step finishing process, which matches the cabinets perfectly.”

It is that kind of knowledge and uncompromising attention to perfection that Quattro’s clients have come to appreciate and respect. “Cabinets are something you live with and use every day. We care about your house and will take the time with you, at no additional cost, to modify and change your current plan design to better suit your needs. We are into all the little details that others seem to miss, or do not even understand. We leave nothing to our installers to figure out,” Gary said.


Customarily, Q’s provides three different drawings to clients to make sure the end product is exactly what’s expected. The drawings illustrate different styles and configurations based on client modifications and needs. Once the owner and Q’s have finalized design, the contractor is brought in to review the drawings so all of the elements are seamless and potential modifications to a ceiling, A/C or molding finish can be incorporated.

With so many people working from home these days, renovation projects that have been put off for years are coming to the forefront. For homeowners looking for customized craftmanship, attention to detail and personalized service, Q’s Cabinetry has an unrivaled reputation.

Q’s Cabinetry is located at 340 Cox Road in Cocoa. For more information, visit or call 321-446-8162.

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