By: Meagan McGone

Charlie and Cynthia Boyd have always enjoyed dancing, but there was a time when life would prevent them from practicing it seriously.

“We touched on it here and there, but something always kept us from enjoying it,” Cynthia says. “Our daughters would participate in debutante balls, and we would take a few lessons and really enjoy the dancing. But when you have a family, your whole life is centered around your family.”

So when their children left home a little over three years ago, they decided to seriously pursue ballroom dancing by enrolling in classes with Brad Stein of Dancin’ Dance in Indialantic.

The decision came with a little compromise from both Charlie and Cynthia.

“I told Charlie, ‘I’ll go to (Orlando Magic) basketball games with you, if you go to dancing lessons with me,’” Cynthia says with a laugh. “I became an avid basketball fan! I went to 32 (Magic) games. I began to really enjoy it, and he really started to enjoy dancing.”

Now, dancing has become a focus in the couple’s life, as the two venture out about three times per week to sharpen their skills and have fun.

“It’s really given us something that we love to do together. A lot of people have hobbies that are separate. Dancing brings us closer,” Charlie says. “It gives us things to do on vacations. We look for a dance cruise or we look for dancing to enhance our vacations.”

Cynthia reminisces about a ballroom dance cruise that she participated in with Charlie. “It was what really triggered us to get serious,” she says.

“We were the newest and worst dancers on the cruise,” Charlie chimes in.

“We didn’t know what in the world we were doing, and we won the whole competition,” Cynthia says. “I think it was because we were having fun. Sometimes, when you get into dancing, you get too serious and you lose your fun. That’s a big challenge. Never lose your fun.”

As the owner of Charles Boyd Construction, it comes as no surprise that Charlie included elements of his passion for dancing in his own home.

“We took out some of the carpet in our house and put in wood floors so we are able to dance at home,” he says.

Dancing has also weaved its way into Charlie and Cynthia’s community involvement, as they attend and support KLD’s Dancing with Brevard each year. Their daughter Christy was an instructor for this year’s Dancing with Brevard, and their daughter Alyssa will compete in next year’s event.

When asked if the Boyds will be seen competing in an upcoming Dancing with Brevard, they both smile. “Competing might take the fun away,” Cynthia says. “But I enjoy watching others compete.”

She encourages anyone who has a curiosity about ballroom dancing to give it a try. “I’m glad we did. Dancing makes us so happy,” she says.