Trying to choose interior paint colors that best reflect the mood of your home and mesh with your family’s personality can be a real challenge. There are as many colors of paint as there are stars in the sky it seems and the choices can be overwhelming.

The Melbourne Fl home building process can be made simpler by following a few simple tips. They won’t guarantee the perfect color will be on the next paint strip you pick up but they can help you narrow your focus and discover what you are truly looking for.

Look For Inspiration

Sometimes you don’t know what you are looking for until you see it someplace else. Keep your eyes open and save images or take photos of objects or places that inspire you. After a while you may notice a theme developing.

Perhaps you are continually drawn towards the various shades of green found in nature. Maybe the color variations of the ocean are what inspire you most. You may even find yourself surprised by some of your choices. Whatever inspires you, keep a record, and reflect back when considering paint colors.

Set The Mood

When considering paint choices for a given space or room it is extremely helpful to determine what you’d like the mood of the room to be once it is finished. Do you want a serene bedroom? Consider a very light coat of blue-gray. Would you like a regal in-home office space?

Try an earthy brown or rich maroon. What about your living room? Think about how you want to live in the space. Does boisterous and fun describe your family or do you all prefer quiet moments with minimal intrusion. There are colors that can help you achieve the atmosphere you desire so think about mood when making your choices.


The great thing about paint is that it can always be changed. If you’ve been thinking about choosing a funky color or perhaps adding daring stripes or some sort of bold design but have been reluctant…go for it! Once you get the paint on the wall you may love it. If you don’t, you can always make a change.

Test Color Before Committing

On the flip-side, if you would rather be absolutely sure about your color choice you can always test it before committing. Many brands offer sample sizes at a very low cost. Choosing this option allows you to try a sample on the wall without paying for an entire gallon. Benjamin Moore offers an online tool called “Personal Color Viewer.” This lets you try out different colors virtually. No commitment necessary!

Use Varying Finishes

The same color mixed with a different base can create subtle differences that make for a striking look. Experiment with satin or flat paint. suggests using this technique in rooms with lots or windows or doors and minimal wall space.

Consider Lighting

The light in a given room will directly affect the color you choose. Think about the natural and artificial light sources in the room when choosing your color palate.

Nothing makes as much an impact as paint on the walls of your home. Your décor speaks to who you are and what your family values. Choosing colors for the rooms of your home doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Ultimately, choose colors and tones that speak to you.