Dr. Anil Dhople is a leading radiation oncologist who grew up in Satellite Beach. His parents immigrated to this country from India for the hope of a better start for their children’s lives, a better education and better opportunities for Anil and his sister. His father, Arvind Dhople Ph.D., is a celebrated expert on infectious diseases and aging, a professor emeritus at Florida Tech.

“It is difficult to fathom the sacrifices my parents made when they left the comfort and security of their families and home in India,” Dr. Dhople said. “My father instilled in us, at a young age, that success in anything requires hard work and dedication. Success, he would say, ‘is nothing more than giving 100%.’ I try to instill that same message in my children.”

Dr. Dhople visited India for the first time with his children this past year and observed, “I think they have a better appreciation and understanding of that message now.”

Dr. Dhople freely admits, “before children, I used to worry or stress about small things in life, things that I had no control over. With children, those stresses have actually become less bothersome because my kids help me be a kid again, and I’m seeing the world through their eyes.” Though he also says, “I have definitely become more efficient with time management, because my goal is to get home, have dinner every night with them, and be part of their lives as much as possible.

“Both my daughters still love getting hugs from me and aren’t embarrassed by my affection. I hope they never grow out of that.”