When the only full-service high-end appliance company in Brevard closed its doors in 2005, Tom Capritta, founder and owner of Capritta Appliance and Air Conditioning, moved quickly to fill this untapped space in the market. The following year, his state-of-the-art Melbourne showroom began offering luxury brands such as Viking, Sub-Zero, Wolf, Bosch, Miele, Dacor, Northland, Speed Queen, Traeger and more.

A family owned and operated company; Capritta Appliance began humbly as an appliance repair business in 1982. In 1990, the company expanded to become a Maytag distributor, and then tapped into the air conditioning sales and servicing market in 2000.

Although Capritta Appliance has grown and evolved over the years, the cornerstone of the business has remained unchanged. Specifically, the company is distinguished by its full-service capabilities and offerings. This means that in addition to sales, full-time staff members will deliver, install, maintain and repair appliances for customers.

This “above and beyond” service can be especially useful when dealing with the high-quality materials and technology used to craft today’s cutting-edge appliances.

“High-end refrigerators are usually taller, use heavy stainless steel, offer precise temperature control and longer food preservation,” Tom explains. “And today’s high-end dishwashers are virtually silent and energy efficient.”

Induction cook tops, many finished with Ceran glass, represent the latest cooking technology utilized by many luxury appliance manufacturers. Using an electromagnetic induction coil, heat is actually produced by the pan, pot or other cooking vessel, and then is transferred to the vessel’s contents. As a result, heating is done within seconds and chefs have precise control of cooking temperatures, thus saving time and energy.

Ovens with combination cooking techniques – such as microwave, convection and steam – represent an upgraded highlight of this kitchen fixture. “Steam ovens are a big thing now because of the health benefits of steamed food,” Tom explains.

In addition to luxury refrigerators, dishwashers, cook tops and ovens, Capritta Appliance also carries items such as built-in cappuccino and espresso makers, three-zone wine racks and warming drawers to suit more cultivated kitchens. “If you’re going to upgrade your house, the kitchen is the best place to put your money,” Tom says.

If you don’t quite have the means to outfit your home with all high-end appliances but want to make a smart investment, Tom says a washing machine may be your best choice. “Front load washers are here to stay,” he says. “These machines use half the water and electricity of top-load washers, and offer better stain removal because the detergent is better concentrated.”

In regards to energy conservation, virtually all of today’s high-end appliances are ENERGY STAR® rated. “The push is for energy and water efficiency, and they have made major strides,” Tom says.

While the Capritta family still forms the backbone of the company, Tom also takes pride in his staff of 15, which includes sales and customer service representatives, technicians and installers, many of whom have been with Capritta Appliance for more than 10 years. In the future, the owners hope to carry on their forward progression, continually bringing in new products as they come out, while staying true its customer-service centered foundation.

“Our goal is to let locals know they don’t have to travel to Orlando for their high-end appliances,” Tom says. “We have what they are looking for right here.”

Capritta Appliance and Air Conditioning is located at 2565 W. New Haven Ave., West Melbourne. Contact the showroom at 321-984-8301.



Capritta Appliance also carries high-end built-in or freestanding grills for outdoor spaces made by manufacturers such as Viking, Alfresco and Wolf. “These products use heavier stainless steel and offer double wall construction,” Tom Capritta explains. “Infrared burners are popular with outdoor grills because they cook hot and fast,” he says, thus conserving the flavor of grilled items.

For a fully outfitted summer kitchen, refreshment stations, miniature refrigerators and wine cellars, beverage dispensers and pizza ovens are all available, and can be set into natural stone, such as river rock or granite, to complete the ultimate outdoor setting.


It’s important to remember that the unique specifications for high-end appliances, especially those for the kitchen, need to be carefully integrated into new construction or remodeling plans far in advance. Capritta Appliance works with builders and designers to determine the exact needs of homeowners. “Many times it can take 2 to 3 months to make a purchase,” Tom Capritta explains.