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Sky Zone is the original and premier indoor trampoline park, featuring trampolines dodgeball, dunking, a foam pit, and their famous warrior course. Sky Zone has also identified a perfect niche for youth birthday parties. If you have children, you start at home with the birthday parties, then move to a local park, maybe to Chuck E. Cheese’s. But what’s next? Sky Zone is the answer. General Manager Kale Little says, “The typical birthday party here is for 15-20 people. We have packages that start at 10 kids and we’ve hosted parties all the way up to 50 kids.” As far as his competition for parties, Little says, “Of course we hear about that pizza place, and for older kids, paintball parties, but not all parents are comfortable with that. We decided to tap into the whole paintball idea, so on Wednesdays and Saturday evenings, we offer ‘Sky Wars.’ We partnered with Nerf and Hasbro and put up inflatable barriers on the trampolines. Players wear a face mask, so it offers that paintball style of play, but with our Nerf blasters it’s a lot safer.”

Sky Zone also o ers Glow. Little said, “Glow has been a huge hit. We’ll have 400-500 people on a Friday night, just for Glow from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Glow o ers a live DJ, and all jumpers get a black light reactive t-shirt. We even have glow-in-the-dark pitchers for the soda, and glow-in-the-dark cups. It’s a great, fun environment, and it’s safe.”

Sky Zone has built a great partnership with Brevard Public Schools, working with them on character award incentives, as well as a bookmark program, where students read ve books, have the bookmark signed by their teacher and a parent, for a free 30-minute jump coupon.

Little emphasizes that Sky Zone is not just for kids, as they have something in the works for adults, too. “We get tons of people from the CrossFit gyms,” Little says. “We’re planning a competition for the Warrior Course soon. It is still in the planning stage, so watch our Facebook page or website for details.” Little explains that Sky Zone’s focus moving forward as a company is to own “active play.” He says, “We feel like we’re the innovators in the active play space. Sky Zone allows you to disconnect from tablets, smartphones, and digital media that doesn’t lead to actual experiences.”Thee general manager quotes studies that younger generations are hungry for actual experiences over their digital or virtual counterparts.

“We’re also developing team-building programs to branch out into the corporate community,” Little says. It is apparent that from toddler time, to rave- like Glow nights, to challenge courses, rock walls, perfecting that back ip, or team-building dodgeball games, when it comes to providing what’s next a er that birthday party at Sky Zone, the sky’s the limit.