THE  ART OF FINANCIAL Self-Defense with Arbor Financial 

It’s like growing up next to award winning author James Patterson, but to you he is just “Mr. Patterson.” In the same vein, Jeffrey Small is a familiar face to the audience of Fox News’ Neil Cavuto and Fox Business with Stuart Varney as well as a regular on Bloomberg Radio,  Wall Street Journal Radio and Newsmax. But to many on the Space Coast he is just one of the guys who coaches Little League.

As president of Arbor Financial (an acronym for Assisting Retirees Beyond Ordinary Results), Jeffrey Small has spent his career honing his ability to teach the skills necessary to make prudent financial decisions. A subject he will again showcase with his new book, Turning Financial Planning Right-Side Up, due out December 12, 2017.

A lifelong resident of Brevard County, Mr. Small works with retirees and pre-retirees teaching the art of “financial self-defense.”

Working with retirees, Small learned early on in his career that many were putting their financial futures at risk due to a simple lack of knowledge. Jeff utilizes his 30+ years of financial experience to help seniors better understand and then make sound financial decisions. He in turn then shares this wealth of information to assist non-retirees and pre-retirees through the many free educational workshops he holds monthly in our county. Small estimates he does around 30-35 public speaking events a year, all with the intent of giving financial information to the public they currently aren’t receiving.

“Lack of education leads to mistrust and uncertainty, which leads to mistakes. So, it’s very important to work with somebody who is going to educate you so you have the tools to make the right decisions,” Small said. “That’s the key, it’s very critical. Frankly, we’re more educators than anything else.”

As we mentioned, in addition to his work with Arbor Financial, Jeff Small has made approximately 50 media appearances over the last two years. From television appearances on Fox News, Fox Business News and the American Dream Show, to radio interviews and After the Bell with Jason Stancil. This has garnered him a reputation as a thoughtful and reliable resource among the most knowledgeable financial pundits. 

Small’s upcoming book reveals exactly how Wall Street financial planners and the news media steer investors into poor, and what are many times, expensive decisions. “It prescribes proven alternatives that place readers on a path to reach or exceed the specific yield necessary in their situation,” Small explained. His material is helpful to the consumer, because it avoids formulaic and redundant information, thus positioning readers for financial success.

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