When building a home from the ground up, a professional Viera Fl home builder like the Chris Burton Team, works through all phases of the process with the client.

Due to the fact that you are going to be living in the home, it should be fully functional for you and your family, and should have the desired features that you want.

For this reason, the six step process focuses on the buyer, the features they are looking for, and what is most important to them, in the new home they will be living in.

Design Meeting

This focuses on your vision. The team will meet with the buyer, to discuss your basic needs and wants. It is a home you will be living in, and therefore has to meet your desired specifications. The meeting will entail what you love, hate, what you need, and which features are optional; this meeting puts your vision on paper, so the builders can make it a reality.

The Team Goes to Work

During this phase, the team will take your visions and ideas, and put them to work. Developing concepts and ideas to create the home that meets and exceeds your expectations is the key goal. From the size and layout, to the features, design, and unique finishes, the team will put all ideas down, to create your dream home.

Develop your plans

This is where the construction team, engineers, developers, and architects come together, to develop blueprints. High quality standards are put forth, to develop a home that not only meets the aesthetic appeal the customer seeks, but also a structural foundation, that is going to last.

Construction Phase Begins

Working with sub-contractors, this is the most exciting phase of the process. Developers, and construction professionals will start to build, and buyers can finally see their ideas and concepts come to life. The design details that are written on paper, begin to take form and design ideas can really start to come together for the buyers.

Meetings Moving Forward

During the process, you are encouraged to stop by and look at the development; you will also be included in meetings with designers and developers, to discuss the construction phases. And, you will be involved with finishing touches.

If you want a specific landscape design, a pool, or any last minute additions, you will be engaged throughout, and meet with the team throughout, so you can see these finishes incorporated in your new home.

The Masterpiece You Envisioned

You can finally move in to your new home, the masterpiece you have envisioned. When all the finishing touches are completed, and construction has come to an end, it is time for you to move in.

Not only so you can enjoy the grand style and quality finishes, but so you can begin making new dreams with your family, in the home you were a part of constructing.

Building a home from the ground up can be quite challenging; but, when you work with the right home builders, it should be a much easier process. With Christopher Burton Luxury Home Builders, not only do you work with a well rounded team of builders, you are a part of the building process.

Not only will this make the entire process a little easier on you, it also allows you to dictate the look and finishes you want in the home that you will be moving in to.