For those discriminating families who place a high value on outdoor living, and enjoying what their landscape has to offer, building custom homes Melbourne FL means creating a seamless integration of the interior floor plan and the outdoor living space.

The team at Christopher Burton Homes delivers a level of excellence that is second to none, and understands the importance of designing a home that helps families to connect with their exterior space.


The days of the neglected backyard are simply a thing of the past. Busy families are eager to create an environment that allows them to enjoy what free time they have, in an atmosphere that is safe, comfortable, and is a direct reflection of their individual tastes.

Christopher Burton Homes understands the value of the outdoor living space and the need to incorporate its features into their distinctive custom home designs.

This critical aspect of designing custom homes begins by gaining an understanding of exactly what the client expects from their outdoor living space.

Not only does this allow our team to incorporate the landscape into the overall design, it gives us the opportunity to seamlessly blend the interior with the exterior, in an effort to embrace the outdoors.


The team at Christopher Burton Homes prides themselves in delivering design elements to the client that are tailored specifically to their individual needs. Where outdoor living spaces are concerned, our goal is to gain a solid understanding of just how a family uses their exterior space to relax, entertain, and thoroughly enjoy their custom home.

With current innovations in materials and building products, we are able to create floor plans that will easily transform from a traditional interior space, to an open air patio area, simply by opening a series of glass partitions. This type of elegant transition allows the homeowner to create a controlled balance between the exterior and interior of the home. This is just another level of excellence that Christopher Burton Homes brings to the table.


With a focus on outdoor living, the sky is literally the limit when it comes to appointing the exterior spaces. For homeowners who have incorporated commercial quality kitchens into their custom home design, this feature will easily translate to the addition of a luxury outdoor kitchen.

For those cool Florida evenings, outdoor fireplaces add another level of comfort for family and friends. These are the types of custom options that make a Christopher Burton Home stand out from the rest, and clients who are building custom homes are offered peace of mind knowing that no stone will be left unturned when it comes to providing homeowners with exactly what they need.

From the materials used in framing to custom stone countertops or imported marble tiles, every element in a Christopher Burton Home is chosen with the client’s tastes and needs in mind. A Christopher Burton Home is not simply an investment in real estate, it’s an investment in living.