New life, fresh starts, brighter colors and sunnier days. With Spring in full swing and Easter approaching, there’s a lot to celebrate. And, as local foodies dedicated to trying at least one new restaurant a week, a Spring tradition we’re totally on board with is BRUNCH.

There are so many spots that make a great brunch on the Space Coast, from tiny, hidden gems to larger, fancier, well-known establishments. Here’s three that pass muster among the best of the best, IOHO.

The Fat Snook

For the full-service, gourmet experience
The Fat Snook has a way of making you feel like royalty – and a casual bestie – simultaneously. Their cozy, modern space in Cocoa Beach is one of our favorites in the area, and the service is always a highlight. From start to finish, this an experience you’ll enjoy each and every moment.

On the menu, you’ll find thoughtful gourmet dishes and craft cocktails with unique personal touches. If you have a brunchy sweet tooth, you will die for the Cheesecake-Stuffed French Toast or Hawaiian Pull-Apart Bread. For Team Savory, the Lobster Tacos, Brunch Burger, and Mexican Street Corn Deviled Eggs are a flavor sensation that’s sure to please.

If you really want the full experience here, do not hesitate to top it off with their oh-so-dreamy Cornflake Crème Brûlée, a sugary, crunchy, and-very-much-worth-it-indulgence that we’d recommend to anyone.

Mulberry Lane Café

For the family outing
We know the creations that come out of this humble diner in Melbourne will surprise you as they have us! For starters, they offer up some of the best Eggs Benedict in town, and it’s not just your average eggs-ham-hollandaise number. We’ve seen them build these babies with things like blackened shrimp, chorizo, grouper…and OMG, we love the tasty selections and creative variety!

The Café also offers classic bakery staples that can’t be ignored – such as the massive, buttery, whole-hand-sized cinnamon roll. They also split and grill their muffins slathered with butter so they’re warm, toasty and bursting with savory flavor. You’ll never accept a cold bakery muffin again after trying one here!

We’ve deemed this the best option for families because the price points are practical, the atmosphere is unpretentious, and menu is full of kid-friendly offerings.

Ember and Oak

For the foodie-minded group
If you’re ready to have the feast of your life, this is the place to do it. The menu at this crowded establishment works similarly to a tapas menu in a Spanish restaurant, offering tasty choices to be shared among several plates with a decidedly food-centric experience. There are bigger plates, but they are also designed to be shared and the restaurant even recommends how many should plan to share the different food boards they offer. Be warned, you may find it difficult to converse on subjects other than what’s happening on the plate in front of you. The burgers are stacked sky high, the breakfast boards bursting; even the avocado toast towers are a food-lovers kind of Jenga. You’ll also find one-of-a-kind craft cocktails, such as the eponymous brunch go-to Bloody Mary and freshly-squeezed Orange Mimosa, both pictured.

The house-made breads here were also a stand-out: the French brioche bun, the rustic sourdough toast, and the fluffy soufflé pancake all were incredible. Another fun twist was the house-made, fried maple Spam (trust us!). We highly recommend coming here with a group so you can get the most out of the menu by sharing with folks who live to eat – rather than eat to live… especially if you choose to go with the hugely-satisfying-but-impossible-for-two Breakfast Board!

With holidays coming up such as Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, we strongly suggest you get a jump on reservations and check websites for holiday menus, which are often priced differently than everyday offerings.

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Space Coast Foodies

Tyler and Summer are a husband and wife team who have turned their love for eating out into a commitment to becoming “field experts” in local eats on the Space Coast. They document their favorite finds along the way on their blog and Instagram, @spacecoastfoodies. They have two children ages 1 and 3. They love cheesy 90s country songs, trips to Disney World, and late night bowls of cereal.