home-blinds-of-all-kindsImagine trying to navigate the streets of a foreign country without a map, or starting a new job without any training at all. Sure, eventually you just might get the hang of it, but only after a lot of time, effort, stress and costly mistakes. Everyone needs a little guidance when trying something new, and this applies just as much to projects in your home as it does to any other aspect of your life. Even with all the resources available online, from checklists to expert advice, having a consultant you can trust to answer any and all of your questions empowers you with the exact knowledge you need.

Experts, like the team at Blinds of All Kinds in Rockledge, understand how valuable the relationship between the designers and client is to the process. “You get the opportunity to really problem solve for your client when you can build a rapport or connection,” said Director of Operations Sonja Polster. With over 30 years of experience building these connections, they share the advantages of getting a consultation before you get started:

  1. An encyclopedia of knowledge: Companies like Blinds of All Kinds that specialize in a variety of services, and have been serving the community for decades, have seen anything and everything in their field. This experience means they have the answers to questions you might not even think to ask, and they are familiar with the pros and cons of products that you might never have heard of. With a consultation, “you get to see all of your options and pricing before you buy,” said Polster, and you get advice on the best of these options for you, from design to installation.
  2. Plan for everything: If you are embarking on a new project, you may think it will be as straightforward and simple as Googling the product and having it shipped. Often, however, there are factors at play that you need to consider if you want to get the most out of your choice. When choosing window coverings, for instance, “Often-times they forget how trims, handles and other elements affect the product and lifting choices. They also don’t realize that window coverings not only provide function such as energy efficiency, but also add a huge design element to the home,” said Dana Gray, vice president of Blinds of All Kinds. “Window coverings are designed to last up to 10-20 years with normal use. It’s ok to invest a little more knowing that you have quality and longevity.” Taking into account those details can be overwhelming without the extra guidance of help from a pro.
  3. In-home consultations: “By working with the client in the home, it allows us an opportunity to discuss the issues they face with the window area in question,” explained Gray, whose team typically does 15-25 of these in-home consultations a day. Whenever possible, these can give the designer a more exact idea of what will best fit your style and function needs. 
  4. Get creative: Even if you know exactly what product you want, having the creative perspective of a designer can open up a world of opportunity for fun and unique projects. Christine Brown, drapery design specialist at Blinds of All Kinds, shared one of these jobs: “I had a client who was a glass art collector. The house was very neutral from wall color to furniture so the glass would stand out. They decided on their funky multicolor motorized roller shades that mimicked the swirl of their glass art and stood out just like their collection did. It was a very fun job.”
  5. Make a connection: When you work directly with someone to make your design vision come true, you are bound to build trust and understanding. Those relationships become invaluable down the road if you have any questions about the maintenance or longevity of a product, or when you are looking for advice for your next project. After years serving the community, Gray shared how valuable each connection has been for both them and their customers: “You never know who you will meet when you ask questions and dig a little deeper with your client. It’s always fun working with people in the community and helping make Brevard beautiful, one window at a time!”