When I was a little girl,

some of my favorite memories was playing outside in my neighborhood until the street lights came on and my mom was hunting me down to wash up for dinner. Most of our fights began once I pleaded and begged with, “Mom, pleeeaaasseee…just a few more minutes to play?”

At age 6, 

I would climb the trees that grew in the center of our culdesac and pretend to be a monkey in a zoo. By age 9, I was rollerblading around my driveway in my hot pink and black skates singing my own soundtrack while I trained to be the next Olympic ice skater. By age 11, I was stealing plants from the neighbors yard and planting them in my own garden to try and grow. My friends and I would spend hours and hours on end, sweating, playing and laughing as our imaginations ran wild. Now, when I visit my old neighborhood, I’m  flooded with nostalgic memories of my childhood. I didn’t need social media, a smartphone or money to entertain me—all I needed was the community around me.


And now,  in a world saturated by entertainment,

it is hard to stop and enjoy the community we live in. I scurry from my internship to my part-time job, all while trying to keep up with my social media accounts and RSS feeds in an exhausting effort to stay up-to-date on the latest news and information.  Everywhere we turn there is something trying to grab our attention and distract us from slowing down and just enjoying where we are and all the beauty around us.

The moments I live for

is at the end of the day, in my backyard at sunset, with the ones I love. We sit peacefully unbothered by any other form of techonology or “entertainment.”

So, Space Coast, what’s your top-favorite place in your community? Where do you pause and awe?

Is it at the baseball field watching your kids play? Is it at the pool? Is it the docks at Jetty Park?

Post a picture on Spacecoast Living’s Facebook page. Write a caption that says where you are and why you love the Space Coast, and we’ll post it to our blog with your name next week!

-Allysar Hassan