By Mallorie Ann Ingram

You’re well underway with a New Year’s routine and are more than likely starting to have a firm grasp of setting goals. A detailed list has been made and you know exactly what you plan to accomplish this year and with last month’s introduction to differentiating between deliverables and tasks, you’ve got this covered.

One of the most popular and often intimidating projects we tackle is the closet-makeover, aka, cleaning out the closet. It often begins with the question of, “Ok, now where do I start?” Sure, it’s ideal to go ahead and start removing all items, boxes, clothing and clutter. Then, create a pile of items no longer needed and the like. But, at this point, you’re left standing in the middle of an enormous heap of unfamiliar items and the overwhelming dread of “Why did I even start this project?” creeps in. What happens next? First, you must realize that a crucial element is missing. Often, it helps when you see the end goal or final product to help encourage the perseverance of this reorganizing game plan.

Here to help set the stage and inspire creativity is one of our very own Space Coast residents, Lila Buescher. Ever since a child, she knew exactly what she wanted in a closet space, and today she’s sharing this wealth of knowledge to other like-minded dreamers.

“When I was working with my close friend and designer, Kathleen Allen of Winter Park, I knew exactly what I wanted the space to be,” Buescher says. “I wanted natural lighting, cabinets with doors to keep the dust off of clothes, and I did not want to see the shower.”

This fairytale room was no doubt the result of continuous planning, creativity and a lifelong dream of endless possibilities. Some of Lila’s favorite features of this unique space are the large windows creating natural light and spectacular views of the river, as well as the finishing touch of travertine flooring.

“Over the past few years, I’ve had several bridal parties prepare for weddings,” Buescher says. “Kathleen was able to capture exactly what I hoped it to be.”

From tufted accent chairs with a view to die for, pristine glass casing to store delicate items, and large counter space to work with, it’s no wonder this extension of Lila’s living area is the ideal model for a highly organized and practical closet space.

Before you say this room is too utopian for your current agenda, realize that now you have an end goal in mind and tips on how to organize and create a new living space within the home. With all the right tools, your storage conundrum is now manageable and you can check-off one of those New Year’s resolution items.