Eau Gallie Arts District Murals Project

When the Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD) Main Street program was formed in 2010, one of its first goals was to develop a Public Arts program, because murals are transformational to an area in many ways. Many people still do not know where the arts district is, but they know about the shark mural installed by Shark Toof, a noted international muralist. After two rounds of mural installations, we decided to “go big.” Because noted artists attend the largest art show in the country, in Miami Beach in December–Art Basel–we invite artists to stop in Eau Gallie first and participate in our first branded multi-mural installation we titled Anti-Gravity Project. We took a long time to even name the event because we wanted it to describe what the impact would be to the arts district and connect it to the Space Coast. The point of the title derives from our belief and intention that the installation of such world class murals would elevate the arts district and, ultimately, the Space Coast onto the national stage as a cultural destination.

We were fortunate to host Matt Gondek, an LA based muralist who calls himself a deconstructive pop artist who painted his interpretation of Picasso’s “Guernica.”

Hyland Mather and wife Mando Marie completed two murals during the project; his featuring painted graphic shapes that take perfect advantage of the natural columns on the wall. Mando painted the eastern wall of the Derek Gores Gallery and can be seen peeking above the other buildings as you come into Eau Gallie from the causeway.

Serving as a gateway to the arts district, Michelle Tanguay’s gorgeous linear wall features a woman gazing out over the existing real palm trees. The mural is on the old LaCroix theater dating back to 1910, but soon to be a new thrilling venture where the mural will serve as an exciting backdrop.

Doug Hoekzema, a/k/a/Hoxxoh, an artist from Miami, completed his mural at Intracoastal Brewing Company before the event was underway. His colorful concentric circles line the interior wall of the brewery’s biergarten. Hoxxoh also painted the new giant rainbow bullseye on the Miami Marine Stadium seats.

Jay Fanakapan, a British artist whose art has evolved into mastering rubbery effect figures and helium balloon designs, will greet drivers on Montreal Avenue on their way beachside. A master at using shadow and reflective light, Jay’s work pops off the surfaces into a 3D effect.

These noted artists, combined with accomplished local artists, helped launch our first branded multiple mural event festival designed to elevate the arts district and the Space Coast.

Mission accomplished.