Screen-shot-2014-08-25-at-5.10.03-PMBy Rebekah Duntz

Titusville Becomes a Digital Downtown:

Downtown Titusville will become a digital backdrop once again when Art and Algorithms2, a digital arts festival, is hosted from October 3 through 12.

The festival will introduce the world of digital art with custom 3D projection mapping, the international short film festival, international artists, digital artist galleries and hands-on interaction for all visitors.

Titusville is the prime location for a digital art festival, being right over the river across from the Kennedy Space Center. This 10-day showcase will celebrate a growing industry where art and technology intertwine.

“We want our kids to be inspired by technology and innovation,” said Linda Brandt, coordinator for the marketing and advertising of the festival.

Screen-shot-2014-08-25-at-5.09.16-PMPresented by Greater Titusville Renaissance in association with the City of Titusville and Brevard Cultural Alliance, Art and Algorithms2 hopes to inspire youth in areas of science, technology, engineering, digital arts and math.
A new program this year, provided by a national grant to Brevard Cultural Alliance, will showcase short documentaries created by selected Brevard County schools students. They will be featured as a red carpet premier event for Art and Algorithms2.

What is an algorithm? It’s a set of steps taken to solve a problem. Algorithms are used in programming technology and in digital arts. While algorithms are prevalent in the festival in an obvious way, the festival itself is part of an algorithm to draw in artistic talent and use arts and culture as a catalyst for positive change, regeneration and innovation in Titusville.

This year, the artists are excited to return and share their knowledge and passion for technology with the audience. “It says something about the festival when artists are excited to return,” said Linda. Artists will interact with visitors and provide a hands-on experience for the audience.

Featured this year:

Custom 3D projection mapping. The signature festival event, hosted by Ninjaneer Studios, will feature an outdoor, after-dark extravaganza on the weekends. Custom 3D-mapping and projection will be presented on a huge scale, and it will take the entire side of the Titusville Playhouse with an even bigger and better production this year.

Featured artist Andrew Brooks. Get a glimpse at an internationally renowned photographer’s work. The festival’s featured star artist, Andrew Brooks, is a Manchester, UK-based photographer and digital artist, and he is known for his surreal fantasy landscapes.

International Film Festival. Clifton Stewart will be curating the International Film Festival again, and this time he will also return with stunning digital photography that reflects his impressions of last year’s festival. Student documentaries will also be celebrated as a red carpet premiere event, showcasing our student talent on the Space Coast.

Digital art galleries and artists. Artists will showcase their digital art and the ways they create these magnificent Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 5.09.34 PMpieces, and be warned — you just might leave feeling educated. Artists include David Montgomery; Nathan Selikoff; Mark Franz and Virtual Art Initiative’s interactive artists Gary Zabel, Ph.D., Bryn Oh, Glyph Graves, Andrew Burrell, Aequitas and Mary Linley. The art will range from virtual art and digital art using natural images, to digital animation and computer animation using algorithms.

Interactive fun. People of all ages will have the chance to interact with the art and technology around them. Digital art allows the audience to become a part of the art and control it, and the experience will keep you coming back again and again. There is also an app being created this year so visitors can navigate the festival easily.

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