Storm season is quickly approaching and it’s time to prepare your home the right way. At BSS Exteriors, we have the right tools to get yourself prepared for hurricane season, from storm shutters and impact windows, to the knowledge and experience needed to help you make the right decision.  

Why do this?

In 2016 and 2017, the Space Coast experienced the busiest hurricane seasons in nearly 10 years.  But that’s not the only red flag. Predictions from the leading forecasters show this season should be a very active season as well.

What’s trending?

Permanently mounted shutters are becoming more popular from customers not wanting the hassle of heavy or cumbersome panels, especially after some of the area’s past few direct-hit scares over the years. 

  • Accordion shutters are the most affordable of the permanently mounted shutters and are the easiest to deploy for hurricane readiness.
  • BSS Exteriors’ accordions feature the tightest stacking in the industry allowing for less obstruction of aesthetics or view. These shutters also offer the only truly serviceable hinges in the industry, giving peace of mind that the shutters will operate properly and effectively for years to come.
  • BSS Exteriors’ rolldown shutters feature very slim side rails allowing the shutter to be stored above the window. This feature is popular among those with very detailed elevations on their home.
  • Our Bahama shutter boasts the only articulating hinge in the industry. This allows for the shutter to be truly 100 percent adjustable while in the non-hurricane position, allowing them to be 100 percent closed or open.
  • BSS Exteriors is the exclusive manufacturer in our area of that Bahama shutter, called the “FullViewBahama.”
  • We also offer a large-blade Bahama shutter with the same features as the “FullView” known as the “UltraView Bahama Shutter.” This is popular along the coastline for beach properties looking for the large elegant blades that are becoming more popular among designers.

Impact-rated windows are the easiest method to use to prepare for hurricanes. Once installed, the prep work is done. Not only can they help you prepare for hurricanes but they offer superior energy efficiency.

  • Customers looking for new windows and protection can combine both tasks with the impact window.
  • All of our storm shutters and window installations are done with the highest quality of materials including stainless steel hardware.