By Mallorie Ann Ingram

Coffee. The most important meal of the day. Well, let me start over. Coffee. The most critical start to the day — that’s better. To all you coffee lovers, you’re catching my drift. For those of you that have yet to acquire a taste for this magical bean, you’re missing out. I’ve lately found myself enjoying a tasty cup of joe at a nearby spot that isn’t just good until the last drop, it comes with its own package deal that may just surprise some of you. 

I don’t know about you, but without my multiple cups of coffee before tackling my agenda’s first item, you better forget about it. Thankfully, Juice and Java Cafe in downtown Cocoa Beach is right on my commute to save the day. This hidden gem not only offers probably the best of coffee in town, but some other treats as well to satisfy those other cravings. What is it that makes this cafe unique? For starters, it’s a one stop connoisseur’s shop, from the green beans sourced from around the world and roasted in-house to the wine bar offering a variety of flavors, to mouthwatering food and pastries, all under one roof. 

Let’s not forget about the ambiance. Right in the heart of downtown Cocoa Beach and walking distance to some fun attractions, this café is a convenient place to gather with friends, with seating both inside and outside. In fact, Owner Jenny Pruett has made it a point to create this very type of atmosphere. She says it’s more than a coffee house — it’s a place for families and friends to relax, share their faith with the community and hold Bible studies, or sip a glass of wine while enjoying live music. 

This inspirational spot isn’t going to stay secret for long so give it a whirl. Grab a book, a laptop for work, or a group of friends and stop by to see for yourself. ◆