LAVENDER MOON shares the benefits of acupuncture with the Space Coast

Dr. Heather Smith was a biochemist working at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers in Boulder, CO., when she had an experience that would change the course of her life and her career.

Living in the mountain air in her 20s, she suffered a debilitating snowboarding accident that forced her to walk with the assistance of a cane. After trying almost every medical intervention short of major surgery, a friend who was an acupuncturist convinced her that she could help.

After just a few treatments, she was able to discard the cane and began to feel her body healing itself. Soon she was back to mountain biking, kayaking, and rock climbing as if she’d never been injured in the first place.

The experience was so transformational that she decided to enroll in Southwest Acupuncture College to pursue a new career path. It’s that experience that led her to an understanding, a true belief, that with a commitment to their own healing, acupuncture can help patients address a host of ailments.

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Lavender Moon

When you step inside Lavender Moon Acupuncture in Rockledge, the healing energy is unmistakable. You can feel it all around. It’s what makes you want to come back.

Even the most skeptical patients say they feel something special when they meet the Acupuncture Physician and learn about her approach.

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One patient, Darren M., came to Lavender moon suffering from reduced range of motion and excessive scar tissue after seven knee surgeries.

Although his orthopedic surgeon had recommended ongoing exercise to manage his range of motion, he said he was still having difficulty. After just six acupuncture treatments, his range of motion was much improved, and the scar tissue was dramatically decreased.

Additionally, he said he’s seen significant muscle growth and renewed strength in both his quadriceps and calf muscles.

“I came in thinking I didn’t believe in it, but I didn’t disbelieve it either,” he said. “And [the treatments have] definitely improved my quality of life, mobility, stability, and the time I can spend walking.”

Ancient History

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Acupuncture is an ancient practice with most of the tradition’s written texts dating back 2,500 years or more. The oral tradition dates back almost twice that far to an understanding of the flow of vital energy and how it works to heal the body.

“Patient. Thorough. Knowledgeable,” said patient Jennifer L. of her experience. “She treated my case with the utmost professionalism, intensity, and intention. It was my goal to be free of unnecessary medications and Dr. Smith’s expertise provided me matchless relief.”

How it Works

Acupuncture involves the placement of very fine sterile needles at specific points around the body to encourage the flow of vital energy known as Qi (pronounced “chee”).

The tradition says that when that energy flows freely, the body is able to begin healing itself. Needle-phobes need not be concerned. Acupuncture needles are so thin that 2-3 of them would fit inside a typical injection needle. Add to that the gentle Japanese technique she favors and most patients achieve a unique level of relaxation.

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What it Treats

As the primary medical treatment for a quarter of the world’s population, acupuncture and what’s known as Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat almost every medical condition imaginable.

From pain and pain syndrome, arthritis, and acute injuries, to side effects of other treatments, to auto-immune issues to asthma and seasonal allergies to menopausal syndrome and gynecological health, to migraines and PTSD, to sleeplessness.

With 20 years’ experience, Smith has developed successful treatments for fertility, gynecological health and pediatrics.

Fertility grew as a specialty in her New Jersey practice before she relocated to Florida six years ago. From then to now, she’s worked with some of the finest fertility specialists in the country and helped dozens of patients become families, even some large families.

“Dr. Heather has a passion for practicing acupuncture and takes the time to explain the steps of her treatments,” said patient Rachel F.. “She truly cares about her patients which is evident during every session you have with her.”

Younger children, under about age 10, do not receive the same needle treatment as adults. “I use a technique called Shoni Shin where I utilize small metal tools, like round-edged spoons, to stimulate those same points,” she said.

Acupuncture is one of the few treatments effective for the symptoms of PTSD and has shown success in treating traumatic brain injury in studies done on military veterans.

Smith has created a multi-lingual practice that fosters an environment that is open, healthy and productive, not just for the patient and the practitioner, but also for the staff.

The healing effects continue to impact Smith’s life and career. Acupuncture changed the course of her life and she’s turned that passion into a mis- sion to help other people find their way to good health.


Photography by Jason Hook

Dr. Smith developed her COVID-19 practices in consultation with one of the nation’s top infectious disease specialists and observes a strict “concierge” style approach

to keep her patients safe and healthy during these times.

In response to the pandemic, Lavender Moon is also offering “curbside acupuncture” for patients fearful of visiting too many places away from home. They are able to pull up to the practice to be treated in the comfort of their own car.

For in-office appointments:

■ Patients wait in their cars at their appointed time rather than in the waiting room.
■ Patients are escorted individually into the practice after having their temperature checked.
■ Patients and staff all wear face masks throughout the treatment.

■ Treatment rooms and restroom are disinfected between patients.

LAVENDER MOON ACUPUNCTURE is located at 1019 Harvin Way, Suite 110 (with the lavender door!) in Rockledge. For more information, call (321) 345-3711 or visit online at

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