Radiation Therapy

Space Coast Cancer Center has been a leader of quality care in Brevard County for 30 years and is committed to advancing oncology care through clinical research.

Van driver David Morrison assists a patient.

With centers in Titusville, Merritt Island, Viera and Melbourne, there’s a center for treatment within 30 minutes of nearly every home in Brevard County. The Viera Cancer Center is located on both the first and second floors of the Viera Medical Plaza and offers cancer chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

One of the advantages of receiving treatment at a center like the Viera Cancer Center is patient convenience; everything can be done under one roof, from lab tests to treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, if necessary. The mission of the physicians and staff is to provide state of the art cancer care utilizing the most modern and safest technology, following evidence-based national guidelines.

“The concept of being under one roof is more nurturing for patients,” explained radiation oncologist Cynthia Bryant, M.D. “It is less burdensome and treatment is easier.”

Robert Parker, Cathy Marinak, ARNP, Brenda Lepuschitz, Shannon Waddy, Cynthia Bryant, M.D.,Lisa Blankenship, Crystal Smith and Andrew Winningham, Ph.D

Radiation therapy uses high-energy particles or waves to destroy or damage cancer cells. It is one of the most common treatments for cancer, either by itself or along with other forms of treatment. SCCC offers the most effective and safe treatment available through state of the art radiation therapy utilizing the Varian Trilogy Linac and Varian TrueBeam Linac machines. Radiotherapy can be used to treat different types of cancer, which means that more patients can be spared surgery and/or chemotherapy. The technology includes intensity-modulated radiation therapy that spares normal areas around a tumor and image-guided radiation therapy which can take CT and CAT scans while patients are receiving treatment. Stereotactic body radiosurgery delivers a few very high doses of radiation to small, well-defined tumors.

“The goal is to deliver a radiation dose that is high enough to treat the cancer while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy organs,” said Dr. Bryant.

The TrueBeam and Trilogy also incorporate respiratory gating and the most recent RapidArc technology which synchronizes delivery of radiation with the patient’s own respiratory cycle.

From lab tests to treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, patients have access to all the different services they may need.

Other advantages of these systems include:

  • More effective treatment of the cancer tumor
  • Most precise delivery of radiation therapy
  • Reduction in side effects from the treatment
  • Drastically reduced treatment times
  • Accuracy and effectiveness reduces surrounding tissue damage
  • State-of-the-art motion management techniques reduce stress
  • Treatment can be used on various types of cancer without invasive techniques

SCCC has routine preventative maintenance provided by trained staff, which helps minimize any machine down time. This ensures patients are treated on schedule and increases the opportunity for cure and rapid alleviation of symptoms.


“The radiation equipment is basically the best in the world,” said Brendan Prendergast, M.D. “The facilities are really state of the art and world class.”

While both radiation oncologists, behind the scenes at Space Coast Cancer Center, a team of experts are providing assurance, safety and effectiveness for patients as well. Shannon Waddy, dosemetrist is responsible for the radiation dose distributions and dose calculations used in the therapies, acting as a double and triple “check” for doctors. While Shannon doesn’t see patients directly, she works closely with the entire team of doctors, radiation therapists and the medical physicist to ensure the accuracy and safety of treatments.

Another team member, medical physicist Andrew Winningham, PH.D, ensures the technical side, making sure the equipment is running properly and is being utilized correctly. This includes calibrating the radiation machines and managing quality assurance. He also helps in planning treatments and serves as another check and balance for the doctor and dosemtriest. These experts, who patients may never see, make a big difference in the quality of care.

“The difference is really the staff and our equipment that is second to none,” Andrew said. “We have the quality of big centers but we are small enough to deliver personalized care. Everything we do is safe and effective.”

Space Coast Cancer Center has also partnered with Moffitt Cancer Center by joining the newly launched Moffitt Oncology Network.

SCCC offers free support groups.

“Space Coast Cancer Center is very honored to be asked to be the exclusive member of the Moffitt Oncology Network in Brevard County,” said Richard M. Levine, M.D., president of Space Coast Cancer Center. “The integration of Moffitt Clinical Pathways and case collaboration will be an immense benefit to cancer patients at Space Coast Cancer Center and in Brevard County.”

Physicians from SCCC and Moffitt work together on patient care and novel clinical research. SCCC utilizes the experts and best practices at Moffitt, including its multidisciplinary cancer care, peer review and quality assurance standards.

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May of 2012; it was very serious and very aggressive. I selected SCCC because it was the best place to go; their technology and radiation equipment was the best available anywhere,” said patient Tom Jamison. “The caring nature of the doctors and staff at SCCC was second to none. I would recommend them to anyone facing cancer because today, I am cancer- free with no evidence of disease.”

SCCC is one of the first 17 practices in the United States    to be nationally certified for quality by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI).

The Varian TrueBeam Linac machine offers safe and effective treatment.

In addition to radiation therapy, SCCC also offers comprehensive infusion therapy (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immune therapy, biologic therapy, etc.), laboratory services, CAT scan and PET/CT, clinical trials, financial counselors and clinical patient navigators.

Space Coast Cancer Center has been the foremost provider of quality care in Brevard and is committed to advancing oncology care in the entire county. No matter what type of cancer or form of treatment, SCCC’s team of experts is committed to providing the highest quality medical care and service to the patients and families.

For more information about Space Coast Cancer Center visit SpaceCoastCancer.com or call (855) 894-HOPE