SpaceCoast Living has long been friends with Kempf’s Jewelers in Indialantic. No wedding issue would be complete for us without checking in with them. Jason Kempf says he’s seeing brides buying a Rolex for their new husband as a wedding gift, and there are some new trends in bridesmaid’s gifts, but it is still the engagement ring that takes center stage for this custom jeweler.

Gale Kempf, Jason’s mother and co-founder of the business says, “We’re a little different here selling diamonds and engagement rings. A lot of young couples come together now and want something just a little different instead of just right out of the showcase. So, we do a lot of custom work, and we do it in all price ranges. If a gentleman really wants to surprise his bride, sometimes he’ll select the diamond, and we’ll set it in a very simple mounting so he can present it to her for that element of surprise. Then the two of them come back together to work on the design.”

Jason Kempf adds, “We also see a bit of resetting mom’s diamond or grandma’s diamond into a new modern or updated look. Styles have changed so much over the years, and we like to accommodate that desire. We’re now seeing the next generation from when we started, helping the children of the parents we initially did business with. We’re a fully manufacturing jeweler, we can create anything, and we can usually make everything happen very quickly to meet the circumstances.”

Kempf’s also offers gifts for bridesmaids. Gale Kempf says brides have picked out strands of pearls or necklaces that are silver with platinum from an Italian fashion line; the silver in the patented design will never tarnish. “Brides will come in, know the specific necklines for the bridesmaids, and pick just the right length for each,” she says. “And the price range isn’t terribly high, say $80 to $600. Then for the mother of the bride, they’ll pick something that ties in, maybe a little bit bigger piece, but still coordinates, which is nice.”

“It’s personal taste and anything goes. And it’s fun to help with their big day and new life together.”

“And then for the gentlemen,” Jason Kempf adds, “William Henry has a lot of nice men’s jewelry now, like bracelets, necklaces. That’s been very popular. We’ve also seen quite a few watches given between brides and grooms, but not the bridesmaid party.”

Lastly, diamonds aren’t the only stone for engagement rings. Gale Kempf tells us couples sometimes come in and don’t want a diamond. She showed us a special design with half-moon-cut diamonds along the sides of a beautiful blue sapphire. “Diamonds are the most durable, but rubies and sapphires come next. So really, it’s personal taste and anything goes. And it’s fun to help with their big day and new life together.” ◆