Finding a new doctor can too often be difficult. You ask friends, family, other doctors, anyone for their suggestions. You look up countless practices, stare at so many doctor headshots and pick one based on feelings or try to determine who has the best reviews online. Finding the right doctor is worse than online dating.

Thankfully, that’s where Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery comes in. The practice covers everything from facial cosmetic surgery and corrective jaw surgery, to TMJ conditions and wisdom teeth removal. It is your go-to place for any issues in the face, jaw, mouth, or neck region with a staff dedicated to giving you the best service. The practice also offers many services that other practices may not be able to, because of their unique three-doctor practice. While many practices are a solo job, Drs. Kim, Schmid and Kossak have decided to cover more areas together and provide an all-encompassing service to their patients.

“We love what we do here, and we really take pride in our work,” said Dr. Kim.

When speaking to Dr. Kim, one of the three doctors on staff at Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery, it was evident that his focus was on one thing: his patients. Each of the doctors of this practice know what it’s like to be on the other side of the doctor’s office and have made it a priority to create a welcoming environment for their patients to get the help they need. “The minute you walk in the door, you don’t feel threatened. We try to make it as comfortable as possible…to help [patients] relax in a stressful situation.”

Originally from Beaverton, Oregon, Dr. King Kim is dual board certified in oral and maxillofacial surgery and facial cosmetic surgery. He trained in Pittsburgh, Fort Lauderdale and Mississippi before landing in Melbourne where he’s now been for 10 years. In that time, he’s cowritten a book on facial cosmetic surgery, published numerous articles and has been a guest speaker both nationally and internationally. Currently, he is both a board examiner for the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and a part time professor of facial cosmetic surgery at Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Schmid and Dr. Kossak, who are both from Michigan, also offer an amazing list of experiences to the practice. Dr. Schmid has been practicing oral and maxillofacial surgery in Melbourne, FL for over 30 years, even after starting off his career with a focus in orthodontics and four years in general dentistry. Since then, he has gained incredible experience in emergency room facial trauma and complex oral surgery, making him a perfect fit for Sunrise’s diverse field of expertise.

Dr. Kossak gained his love for the specialty from his father, who is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. After dental school, Kossak went on to learn a wide variety of procedures through his residency with St. John Health Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery program.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Schmid have also dedicated much of their time outside of the office to continually help the people in their community. Whether it’s through volunteering their services at no charge for the Brevard Health Alliance and Space Coast Volunteers or going on mission trips to South America to provide oral examinations and assistance, they have made a point to use their skills for more than routine office visits.

It seems staying still has never been much of a focus for Dr. Kim, from his constant volunteer and extracurricular work to his love of working between the office and the hospital. No two days are the same for Dr. Kim with his span of expertise. It’s his favorite part of the job, and why he’s stayed here for as long as he has. Depending on the day, he could be in the hospital performing a surgery and then later have a consultation at the office. He loves both the calm office environment and the busy, fast-paced hospital setting. It’s also not something a lot of other practices can brag about. When Dr. Kim’s patients need to be transferred to the hospital, he will be the one at the hospital performing the procedure or surgery for them. It’s those small things, like being able to work with someone you trust, that can help a stressful situation become that much more comfortable.

Sunrise Facial and Oral Surgery has two locations, Melbourne and Rockledge, to service the Space Coast community. For more information, be sure to go to the practice’s website to see more about the specific procedures it provides as well as before/after examples. You can also follow Sunrise on Facebook or Instagram (@SunriseOMS). Lastly, just give the office a call and talk to their staff. As Dr. Kim pointed out, “We’re an office that cares. Call us, we will respond.”