The Flinchbaugh’s are pregnant!

It’s always fun to hear from fathers about their experiences and memories throughout life with their kids, but what about the expecting dads that haven’t quite yet kicked off this life-changing adventure? Expecting parents Nevin and Tasha Flinchbaugh (Nevin is our SpaceCoast Business Magazine Art Director) are about to find out and are bursting at the seams with joy and excitement. But what does the up-and-coming father have to say about it all?

When you and your wife found out you were pregnant, what was the very first thought that went through your head?

“Honestly, I didn’t believe those pregnancy test + or – symbols so I had her go get one of those digital “pregnant/not pregnant” tests instead.”

Do you have a gut feeling if it’s a boy or a girl?

“We both think it’s a boy. Not sure why but we will be surprised if we have a girl. We’ve got two names for if the baby is a girl and two for a boy, but Tasha keeps adding more boy names to the list.”

Are you already planning the baby’s future with sports, school, and the like?

“With us being huge Disney fans, I’m sure that will play into it. The poor thing will grow up liking the Detroit Lions (Tasha’s team), but they will also be an Eagles fan too so there is hope.” 

Let’s talk about research. Are you a fan of reading books about this, asking others, or just winging it? 

“We’ve asked some friends who have just recently had kids of their own but really, aside from the doctor’s recommendations we have been winging it. People have been doing this since the dawn of time so I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Besides, you’ll get 1,000 different bits of advice and half the time they will contradict each other so…”

How did both sides of the family react to the news? 

A few days before we found out we were having a baby, Tasha’s dad had a massive stroke and a heart attack so we told him early on and it seemed to encourage him to push through and turn the corner for recovery. My entire family lives in Pennsylvania, so on Easter while they were all together we had my cousin hide a bun in the oven and sent my mom and dad to go into the kitchen and look in the oven while we called on Facetime with them. They were definitely excited.

What’s it been like so far having a pregnant wife? 

“The first trimester Tasha was nauseous a lot so that was hard. It stunk for her for obvious reasons but it was hard for me not being able to do anything to help her feel better. She has started feeling better so that has been
a blessing.”

What are a couple of must-haves that you can’t wait to experience with your baby?

“We definitely want to take our child to zoos and aquariums so they can learn all about the amazing animals out there. That’s something we are looking forward to. Aside from that probably watching Back to the Future with my child for the first time like I did growing up with my dad.” ◆