Jason Kempf, Co-Owner of Kempf’s Jewelers
Pictured with wife, Jamie

The Kempfs stay true to their holiday traditions. Jason Kempf tells us, “It all started back in 1989 while obsessing over the movie ‘Christmas Vacation’ featuring the one and only Clark W. Griswold. I was 17 at the time.” Kempf convinced his big brother to help with his plan to cover the entire house with lights “Griswold style.” “It took us a few days, and thankfully Dad taught us everything we needed to know about exterior illumination. When we were finished, it was a vision of Christmas beauty unlike anything the Kempf family had ever experienced.”

After that Christmas of 1989, they dialed the lights back a bit, but every year since they watch “Christmas Vacation” while decorating the family Christmas tree. “Now that our families have grown, and thankfully stayed in Brevard County, my brother and I continue the tradition by bringing our children over to Grandma and Grandpa’s to decorate their tree…. while ‘Christmas Vacation’ plays in the background,” Kempf explained.

He added, “We still also all get together to pick out our Christmas trees. The children wear Santa hats and have a great time running around playing together while the adults are so very serious about their selection of the perfect tree. Thankfully Grandpa has kept his tradition of paying for all of our trees every year.”

Another Kempf family tradition is the annual boat parade, a great night to get together with family and friends. “We love the excitement of seeing all the decorated boats and voting on our favorites. Last year there was even a ‘Christmas Vacation’-themed boat in the parade. That really made our night!” Kempf said.

“As busy as the holiday season is, we are all so fortunate to have our families close by to celebrate with.”