By: Meaghan Branham 

Walking into jewelry designer Peter Indorf’s Melbourne workshop is like stepping into a jewelry lover’s paradise. Original sketches and photos of finished products adorn the walls, while one-of-a-kind pieces arranged beautifully in a display case sit close by. It is immediately evident to any visitor that Indorf is extremely passionate about his work, eager to answer any questions, give honest advice, and share a wealth of knowledge accumulated through his over 40 years of experience. In the interest of sharing this passion and expertise with his community, Indorf is even planning a series of seminars based out of this very workshop, covering everything from diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls, history and lore, to the latest trends.

This foray into community involvement is nothing new for Indorf. Beginning in 1976 with his storefronts in the New Haven area, and continuing through his move to Melbourne in 2016, he has always had a passion for local causes. While in Connecticut, his work with organizations like the Shoreline Arts Alliance and the Professional Business Association, combined with his reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable business owner, solidified his prominent position in the community. “One of the things I’ve always liked to do is partner with the various nonprofits whose missions I think are important, and sometimes underserved. I’ve always supported the arts, and any causes that benefit children,” he explained.

Now working out of Brevard County, he is eager to learn from his new neighbors, and share his talents with them as well. Already he has begun working actively with the Brevard Cultural Alliance, as well as taking on a role with the Chamber. Most recently he accepted the role of a sponsor at the Brevard Schools Foundation’s Take Stock in Children Reach for the Stars Gala, held on September 30th. In addition to being a sponsor, he offered two incredible items for the live raffle, including a breathtaking amethyst, paired with a $1500 gift certificate for a custom piece to be created with it. For the silent auction he offered a Jewelry Box Review with a $100 coupon.

His active involvement comes as no surprise once one has met with him. Indorf is an extremely creative individual who loves his work and is passionate about finding new channels to share it, as well as new ways to give back to his community. His seminars are just the latest of these endeavors. Working with a few individuals at a time, in sessions offered both during the day and evening, Indorf hopes to be able to provide helpful insight to all who attend and are looking to learn—from those of us who are simply admirers of beautiful pieces and want to expand our knowledge, to discerning collectors. Indorf looks forward to sharing his professional and technical know-how, as well as the stories his jewelry tells. “I’ve picked up a lot of stories over the years” Indorf laughed.

It is this collection of stories that Indorf is most enthusiastic to share and expand upon while in Melbourne. Any community is enriched when its members contribute their uniquely cultivated experiences and knowledge, and embrace those of others with excitement. Fostering connections through endeavors like Indorf’s seminars means exciting partnerships are forged, and in his case, beautiful jewelry usually follows.