Today there is a gadget available for just about everything. And when we discover this item, most of us tell all our friends about it, followed by the thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” While some gadgets may be of more value than others, there are some available that we couldn’t imagine life without. We pushed past the smartphone craze and found some of the coolest gadgets you and your home need this year.


1. Joe’s Sticky Stuff – After finding its start on the sets of Hollywood, Joe’s Sticky Stuff ™ allowed set designers to hang items temporarily without damaging walls. This removable adhesive tape leaves behind no residue and is strong enough to hang props, artwork, and keeps rugs from moving and so much more.  $20. 




2. Flood Buzz Water Leak Detector – Water damage can be one of the most costly problems affecting homes. Place the Flood Buzz Water Leak Detector in any potential flood spot – washroom, sinks, water heaters, bathrooms, or boats and the Flood Buzz will warn you before you have a leak. $40 for set of six. 




3. Kwikset Kevo Electronic Lock – With Kevo, your smartphone is now your key. Keep your phone in your pocket and touch the lock to open for ultimate convenience. If you don’t have a smartphone, the lock comes with a fob that allows you to enjoy the same touch to open convenience. Additionally, no matter where you are, you can remotely provide access to those who need it. The Kevo Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt also works with a traditional key. $219. 



4. Plug Out Organizer – All electronics continue to draw power even when they’re switched off, so start to save money every month by making it easy to unplug electronic devices when they’re not in use. Attach a Plug Out to the wall near an outlet. When you unplug your unused devices, their plugs rest between the Plug Out’s silicone knobs, remaining untangled and convenient for the next time. $15 for a set of four. 




5. LadderLimb Climbing – the ladder while holding something in one of your hands is no easy feat. Thanks to the LadderLimb, users now have a third hand on the ladder. This accessory fits effortlessly into any of the hollowed rungs on the ladder’s side and makes a range of up-ladder tasks easier and safer. Whether you’re cleaning out gutters, washing the RV or painting, you’ll start to wonder how you ever managed without. $30.