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Wuesthoff Health System’s Dr. Stephen Giorgianni


Name: Stephen Giorgianni, DO Title: Physician Company: Wuesthoff Health System Years in Area: 2 Years at Company: 2 Dr. Stephen Giorgianni knew he wanted to be a physician at an early age since he has always had a passion for helping people….


Wuesthoff Health System 2015 Physicians of the Year


Margaret MacMillan, D.O. and Hong Jeong, M.D. named Wuesthoff Health System’s 2015 Physicians of the Year for the Rockledge and Melbourne Campuses  Wuesthoff Health System has honored two of its physicians for their patient care excellence, compassion, commitment and peer leadership. Margaret MacMillan, D.O.,…


Preventative Health Care on the Space Coast


According to U.S. Preventative Medicine, chronic illnesses – namely heart disease, cancer, stroke, pulmonary disease and diabetes — account for about 70 percent of all U.S. deaths and 80 percent of all health care costs for consumers, employers and government…


Prevention & Detection of Common Chronic Conditions


Physicians at Wuesthoff Health System shed light on treatments for four troublesome diseases When it comes to your health, an ounce of prevention can go a long way toward saving your life. While people generally tend to have an optimistic…