Reservations: CuiZine Restaurant & Lounge

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Stanojkovski Brothers Expand Culinary Excellence at CuiZine Restaurant & Lounge If ambiance was a physical attribute, you could wrap your arms around it at CuiZine in Satellite Beach. Or rather, it could wrap its arms around you. As your eyes…


UMAMI: Bringing ‘Real’ Sushi to Melbourne

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By Craig Chapman and Ian Hunter Umami, literally translated in the Japanese language means “pleasant savory taste.” Chris Chern, owner of Melbourne’s Umami Restaurant and Sushi Bar, creates food that is nothing short of the meaning. “I’ve been here for…


Reservations: The Look of Love

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Romantic Restaurants of the Space Coast The most popular date has always been to treat the one you fancy to a night out of fine-dining. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your significant other with a trip to these elite dining establishments…