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International Summit on Carbon Nanotubes and Engineering

Graphene Technology

Carbon nanotubes

Advanced engineered nanomaterials
Advanced engineering applications
Nano-modified materials and technologies
electronic applications
Electronic Type
Thin Film Transistor
Charge Carrier Mobility
Schottky Barrier
Application and Development of Carbon Nanotubes in Manufacturing
Current challenges and limitations of Carbon Nanotubes for Tissue Engineering applications:
Carbon Nanotubes in Cancer Research and Therapy
Applications of CNTs as Drug Carriers
Carbon nanotubes mechanical
Carbon nanotubes electrical
Chemical Engineering of the Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube−Nylon 6 Interface
Carbon nanotubes in tissue engineering
Catalytic methane technology for carbon nanotubes and graphene
Carbon nanomaterials for drug delivery
 electromagnetic shields
Biomedical applications of carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotube manufacturing processes
Environmental engineering with CNTs
CNT-based nanoelectronics
Thermal properties of carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanodots and particles
Physical and chemical modification of carbon materials
Composites based on carbon nanomaterials
multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Nano Electron emitters
Polymer-carbon nanocomposites to sensors
Applications of Nanotechnology in Corona Virus Diagnosis & Treatment
Nanoscience and Technology
Carbon nanotechnology
Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics
CNT-reinforced materialCarbon nanotube synthesis
Nanotube properties in engineering
CNT applications in aerospace engineering
Mechanical properties of CNTs
Electrical properties of CNTs
Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene
Carbon-based nanocomposites
New carbon materials
Physical properties of carbon nanotubes
Advances in carbon materials for catalysis
Environment-favorable applications for carbon nanotubes
Properties and applications of carbon nanotubes
Production methods of carbon nanotubes
Structure and types of carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotubes purification methods
Carbon nanotubes synthesis methods
Carbon nanotubes functionalization methods
Carbon composite materials
Molecular electronics and carbon nanotubes
Conductive or reinforced plastics
Carbon nanotube based transistors
Carbon nanotube based ceramics
Carbon nanotube based fibers and fabrics
Energy harvesting and storage based on diamond and carbon materials.
Characteristics of carbon materials under temperature, pressure and magnetic field.
Carbon and Diamond devices for power electronics, optoelectronics and sensors.
Computational modeling of carbon materials.
Physical and chemical modification of carbon materials.
Carbon nanotubes, fullerenes and polyacenes.
Carbon foams, structural graphite and graphene.
Carbon-based polymers, fibers and composites.
Quantum technology based on carbon materials.
Production of advanced carbon materials from bio-waste.
Carbon nanotube functionalization
CNT-based drug delivery systems
CNT applications in automotive engineering
Computational modeling of carbon nanotubes
CNT-based nanofluids in engineering
Carbon nanotube toxicity and safety considerations
Applications of CNTs in civil engineering
CNT-enhanced polymers in engineering
Electrochemical applications of carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotube-based nanocomposites in electronics
Photonics and optoelectronics with carbon nanotubes
CNT applications in wearable technology
Carbon nanotubes in 3D printing and additive manufacturing
CNT-based nanoscale devices
Carbon nanotube-based coatings in engineering
CNT applications in robotics and automation
Carbon nanotube-based membranes for water purification
CNT-based sensors for environmental monitoring
Biomechanical applications of carbon nanotubes
CNT applications in the oil and gas industry.
CNT-reinforced concrete
Carbon nanotube-based catalysts
Carbon nanotube-enhanced polymers
CNT applications in photonics
CNT-based nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS)
Carbon nanotubes in aerospace materials
CNT-based nanotransistors
CNT applications in energy storage
Carbon nanotube-based coatings for corrosion resistance
CNT-based nanosensors
Carbon nanotube-based lubricants
CNT applications in flexible electronics
CNT-reinforced ceramics
Carbon nanotube-based drug delivery
CNT applications in smart textiles
Carbon nanotube-based thermal interface materials
CNTs in biomedical engineering
CNT applications in automotive composites
Carbon nanotube-based filtration systems
CNTs in sustainable engineering practices.
Aligned carbon nanotube membranes
Carbon nanotechnology and bionanotechnology
C60 and carbon nanotube sensors
Carbon nanotubes as nanoelectromechanical systems components
 Synthesis, growth mechanism and processing of carbon nanotubes
 Purification and separation of carbon nanotubes and related aspects
 Solid-state formation of carbon nanotubes
 Catalytic chemical vapor deposition of single-walled carbon nanotubes
 Fabrication of fullerene nanostructures
 Carbon blacks as the source materials for carbon nanotechnology
 Functionalization and applications of fullerene
 Functionalization and applications of carbon nanotubes
 Biological activity of pristine fullerene
 Separation of metallic and semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes
Electrochemical properties of carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotubes: surface, porosity, and related applications
 Carbon nanotubes as nanoelectromechanical systems components
 C60 and carbon nanotube sensors
Carbon nanotubes for electron emitting devices
  Optical limiters and photovoltaic devices based on c60, carbon nanotubes and their nanocomposites
 Carbon nanotube and epoxy composites for military applications
  Polymer and carbon nanotube composites for space applications
Carbon nanotechnology and bionanotechnology
Carbon Nanotubes in Automobiles
Influence of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) in the Cement Composites
Materials Science of Carbon Nanotubes
CNTs field emission
CNTs thermal conductivity
CNTs energy storage
CNTs conductive properties
CNTs conductive adhesive
CNTs thermal materials
Molecular electronics based on CNTs
CNTs structural applications
CNTs fibers and fabrics
CNTs biomedical applications
CNTs Air & Water Filtration
CNTs catalyst supports
deliver drugs: passive and self-delivery
hydrophobic effect
Toxicity Consideration of Carbon Nanotubes
Carbon Nanotubes in Vaccine Delivery
Carbon Fibre^
Carbon Nanotubes
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Nov 04 - 06 2024


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