“Hands of Time” Exhibit at the Downtown Art Gallery in Titusville

Heidi Thamert is the March Spotlight Artist at the Downtown Art Gallery in Titusville.  She will be exhibiting her “Hands of Time” collection of black and white photographs.  These compelling images of aged, worn, hardworking hands are large scale macrophotography, shot in natural light.. This technique produces close up images detailing every line, crevice and wrinkle to capture each subject’s true character and essence.


Her Grandmother was the beginning inspiration for her work.  Like many people living in the north woods of Michigan during the depression and war years, Heidi’s Grandma fished, hunted and trapped to survive.  Even as a child Heidi was fascinated by the contrast between Grandma’s gentle actions and her aged, worn hands. They became the subject of some of Heidi’s first photographs


Heidi went on to create a series of photographs of elder’s hands.  Each one tells a different story, inviting the the viewer to discover that story and how it can be expressed by seeing just the hands. Heidi says the secret is to listen to the subject, learning about their lives and finding a way to honor their experiences.  Black and white brings out the tonal properties that would be lost with the extra stimulus of color


Heidi has won many major awards for her photography including a special award at the Festival of Masters for her body of work. You can view the exhibit at the Downtown Art Gallery, 335 S. Washington Ave in historic downtown Titusville.  The gallery is open 11 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, Saturday 11am to 3 pm, and by appointment. H er work can also be seen online in March at the Virtual Winter Part Art Festival .  For more information call 321-268-0122.

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Mar 06 2021


Cloded Sunday
11:00 am - 4:00 pm



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The Downtown Art Gallery


The Downtown Art Gallery
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