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Garden of Color

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Ring in the New Year With a Garden of Color A great way to bring color into the garden during the winter months is through a wide variety of lilies, which grow best in sub-tropical regions. Many bulbs can be…


Poinsettias for all Seasons

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Deck Your Halls with Poinsettias With beautiful poinsettias, then recycle this popular container plant for seasonal splendor for years to come Poinsettias brighten the season with their showy flowers (called bracts). But don’t leave those plants on the curb with…


Gardening: Herbs

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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme and more…Nothing beats fresh when it comes to seasoning with herbs By Donna Skattum Fortunately, Florida’s climate lends itself to year-round growing of the most common herbs and, since the plants are usually small, herbs are…


Retiring with Peace of Mind

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New friends and activities create a sense of family, and bring peace of mind at Buena Vida Estates Smiling faces, cheerful décor and a warm atmosphere welcome everyone at Buena Vida Estates. A residential maintenance-free community that offers the peace…


The Colors of Fall

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Introducing Marigolds Can Bring A Burst of Seasonal Color To Your Landscaping Common but colorful, inexpensive and easy to grow, marigolds have been called the workhorse of the garden where they’ll bloom non-stop until our first frost. There are three…


The Sweet Smell of Gardenias

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This Florida favorite features a unique fragrance that becomes even more pronounced as the blooms age With their glossy dark green leaves, creamy white flowers and glorious fragrance, gardenias are a favorite among local gardeners. Gardenias are frequently used as…


Kirk Kessel: Real Estate Entrepreneur

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How many people do you know who, while still in high school, got permission for an off campus lunch hour so he could inspect the work his three landscaping crews were doing while he was in British Lit.?  Or, who…


Advocating for the Elderly

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By Michelle Salyer A Granddaughter’s Promise Speaks for a Forgotten Minority After her grandmother passed away in 2004 following abuse and neglect in an assisted living facility in South Florida, Christine Canavan set out to make sure that no other…


Capritta: Luxury Brands Serve Discerning Homeowners

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When the only full-service high-end appliance company in Brevard closed its doors in 2005, Tom Capritta, founder and owner of Capritta Appliance and Air Conditioning, moved quickly to fill this untapped space in the market. The following year, his state-of-the-art…