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Mental Health: What’s Normal, What’s Not

Sadness and stress are part of life. Stress can aggravate other conditions and it can also be one of the precipitating causes of depression along with a person’s unique biology. When those feelings become more than you can bear, it may be time to reach out for help.

Understanding Concierge Medicine

Here in the United States, we have access to some of the world’s most technologically advanced medicine to keep us alive longer.

Frances Capraro, M.D.

While the focus of standard care is to treat patients after the onset of illness, concierge or personalized care focuses on keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Five-Star Award: “Just Doing Our Job”

Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation Center earns another 5-star ranting from the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA).

Ingredients: Going Back To The Basics

By Elena Lynch Too many people have become dependent on processed food. We come home from a long day of work and […]

Wholesome Bits

By Elena Lynch Like most people, I used to think my eating habits were pretty good, but my so-called “healthy lifestyle” included […]

Health and Fitness Apps Put Health in Your Hands

By: Beth Kelly Health and Fitness Apps Put Health in Your Hands There are many smartphone apps on the market today designed […]

Enhancing the Quality of Life

For anyone who has ever suffered from chronic pain —  which according to a 2011 report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), […]

Listen to Your Brain and Body

Learning the signs of stroke and acting FAST could save your life or a loved one’s  By: Daniela Rusovici, MD, PhD, board-certified […]

Wade into Therapeutic Luxury

Water turns walking “can’ts” into “cans.” How many times have you associated the thought of private rooms, an upscale café and bistro, […]

Exceeding Expectations

The debut of Eastern Florida State College’s first two bachelor degree programs has been an unmitigated success … so here come more.

Space Coast Cancer Center Strengthens

By Michelle Spitzer Traveling several hours across the state for treatment can take an emotional and physical toll on cancer patients, but […]

Skin Cancer Prevention & Detection: Tried, True & New Strategies

May is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month Skin cancer is the most common cancer. More than 2 million cases of skin […]

Understanding Your Health Just Got Easier

By: Parrish Medical Center Feeling scared or nervous about your upcoming procedure? Do you find it hard to manage your chronic condition? […]

Have a Change of Heart

Bad habits sabotage your heart health. Learn what you can do to break them. The old saying “You are the sum total […]

Brevard Health Alliance Opens New Regional Health

35,000 Square Foot Facility to Serve 20,000 People Annually Brevard Health Alliance (BHA) opened a new 35,000 square foot facility on the […]

To Your Health: A Resolution To Keep Active

With one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions being “to get in shape” there are a lot of people across the […]

Sleep Matters

Good rest is good for you. Don’t Deprive yourself. { By Parrish Medical Center | Community Services } Did you get enough […]

Changing The Way The World Rehabs

The steps we take are the most basic form of function. One foot in front of the other, we walk. For many […]

The Road to Recovery

  Achieving an active and healthy lifestyle after an injury, illness or other condition sometimes requires medical rehabilitation. Medical rehabilitation benefits patients […]