Fun in the Sun

The 70’s iconic slogan, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste,” still holds true but sometimes what you don’t know can really hurt you- especially when it comes to skin care in the sun.
That’s why Melbourne-based Absolutely Natural spends so much time on education regarding their natural suncare, skincare and spa line of products.  […]

Romantic Destination Weddings

A destination wedding doesn’t always mean getting on a plane and traveling to an exotic destination far from home. Brides and grooms can stay close avoiding additional costs and hassle and still “get away” by choosing one of these beautiful spots not too far from the Space Coast.

Tavern and Chapel in the Garden

This unique and […]

Exotic Locales Await

Thoughts of Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand bring to mind pristine beaches, rugged terrain and bustling cities. But it can be intimidating to plan for travelers. Enjoy these exotic locations stress-free on a cruise or tour vacation.   


A chain of tropical islands sitting all alone in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii is a beautiful […]

Sail Away!

While every cruise ship- whether large or small has plenty to offer- many travelers aren’t aware of the benefits of larger ship versus smaller “boutique” ship cruises.  
 Carnival Cruise Ships
Once on board, Carnival has one goal in mind- FUN- so let the good times roll. Enjoy delicious meals in various onboard restaurants, including comfy accommodations […]


Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is gaining popularity and has health benefits


You might have seen the paparazzi shot of a well-trimmed celebrity standing up on what looks like a surfboard and paddling in some beautiful, exotic location. But you don’t have to be famous or on vacation to enjoy and experience the health benefits of […]

Sea Turtle Preservation Society: Keeping Brevard’s Beaches Safe

Sea turtle nesting season has officially begun, and from May to October, residents of Brevard County can get a firsthand look at one of nature’s most fascinating journeys. As hatchlings emerge from their nests and follow the moonlight reflecting off the ocean, many barriers can prevent the tiny turtles from making it to their […]

Destination Beach

No matter what your perfect “beach day” consists of you can find it at one of Brevard’s beaches.