If It Is Worth Doing…

Sharon James is a firebrand. As we met at the Upscale Resale shop in Titusville, it was a blur of activity with volunteers, friends coming in with well-wishes, and customers anxious to grab bargains. She talked about the Women’s Center in Melbourne, the shop there, and all the good the resources in Melbourne had done to protect and encourage women.

The Women’s Center founders, the Guild, recognized a great need and opportunity to help protect women from abuse in the north half of Brevard. Through their wildly popular fundraising events, they came to build a counseling center, a safe house, and now this place of our meeting, all in and around Titusville. Sharon piloted many of these events, and took it upon herself to be the guiding force for the building of the counseling center and the new retail store. More than once, describing the efforts of so many people in too many projects to name here, her eyes welled up with tears. Not of sadness, but in pride of accomplishment, and for the services provided to women in their time of need.

Later that afternoon, we received this email from fellow Women’s Center Board Member, Ambika Ravindran: “Sharon has a huge personality with a heart to match. Once she focuses her efforts on something, she does not spare those around her. She lives and breathes the project no matter how small or large until it is done to her exacting standards. Her catchphrase is ‘If it is worth doing, it had better be done right. The word ‘no’ simply does not exist in her vocabulary. Any of her different contractors working on any of these projects with her will attest to that fact.”