Collateral Benefit

Bobbie Dyer is division president for Dyer Mortgage Group, a division of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. She has 29 years’ mortgage banking experience and is a nationwide top producer with over $500 million in home mortgage loan closings. In addition, she is a national speaker and trainer and the recipient of numerous awards for production, management and volunteerism. Dyer is a published author and has been featured in both national and local publications.

Bobbie Dyer is often involved at a different level. Besides her volunteer hours and financial contributions, she’s a catalyst. When she asks for help with a cause, she will not take “no” for an answer. Your answer might not be cash, it might not be for services needed in-kind for an event, but it could very likely be for the hardest commodity of all to secure — time. So you don’t have $5,000 for a gold level sponsorship? Not a problem. Can you give her an hour or two helping with registration? She repeats something we hear a lot: “A rising tide lifts all boats.” But she’s quick to add her spin to that. “I call it ‘collateral benefit.’ Everyone feels the benefit of a giving community,” Bobbie says. “I give the example to people that airline stewards tell you; in the case of an emergency, put your mask on first, get your breath, and then turn to help those next to you. There is enough oxygen in the tank for both of us to share.” She added, “Many of us are in the position to share our mask and help others breathe a little bit better.” She’s adamant about even the smallest contribution helping the entire community. “Often people don’t think that their small contribution can make a difference, but even the smallest investment of time or money helps. Someone tells me they have a small hamburger stand and may not realize that anything they do to help results in better communities around us. If the community prospers we all prosper, and people can afford to buy your hamburgers! That’s my theory of “collateral benefit”. Do what you can no matter what your motivation is and watch your own life get better in many ways. Just do something.”