Paige Sorensen Ostrander

By: Michelle Salyer

30, Melbourne. Teacher, Florida Virtual School/ Co-owner, CF Music Productions. Married to Jared Ostrander, Mother of Caroline Sophia, 2, and Mia Claire, 2 months

For Paige Ostrander, the old adage, “There’s no place like home” couldn’t be truer. With her second child born earlier this year, Paige and her husband Jared are even more grateful to be surrounded by family and lifelong friends.“My mom is my best friend. We see each other almost every day. She and my in-laws babysit all the time,” Ostrander said. “We love living in Melbourne close to family. There’s nothing like it.”Ostrander left Brevard to attend college at the University of Florida, but upon graduation, returned to the same zip code where she has lived since she was two. “I always wanted to come back and knew I would want to, but you don’t realize until you have kids how nice it is to have support,” admitted the young mom.

Now, working from home as a teacher for Florida Virtual School and running a sound and lighting company with her husband, Ostrander is enjoying a flexible schedule that allows her to take her daughters to some of her favorite child-hood places, including the Brevard Zoo, as well as watching them spend time with their cousins. According to Ostrander, these kinds of perks just can’t be found anywhere but home. “We’ll stay here the rest of our lives.”